Twitch is social media platform where millions of creators and viewers come together to interact, create their entertainment, and chat. These types of platforms need funding to stay afloat, read how to donate on Twitch to help your favorite content creators, social causes that need attention, and help the growth of the platform Twitch.

Twitch is primarily a platform for gamers and the ones who love to watch them play and learn more about competitive gaming. Ones who participate in tournaments organized by gaming hubs like Esports are often bringing traffic to Twitch. In recent years, Twitch has been having content creators with a growing number of followers that create content around music, conduct live broadcasts, and shows.

 Many content creators on twitch upload entertaining stories related to traveling and food belonging to various cultures. These content creators also promote social causes which often need immediate attention. Hence it is important to learn how to donate on Twitch.

how to donate on twitch

Can people donate on Twitch?

Since Twitch is a platform where unabashed followers can freely express themselves and connect with several thousands of communities, it is an inviting place to make people aware of social causes, right, natural, disasters and people in need on this platform.

Hence Twitch has introduced a feature where streamers who have a loyal set of followers willing to donate can donate to a link present on the streamer's profile to help them out regarding the respective issue mentioned.

How to add a donation link on Twitch?

Twitch can act as a tool for one’s promotion in many ways. Whenever there are consistent uploads of good quality content, a good number of loyal, organic followers groups are created. Often these followers are ready to donate out of gratitude and also to promote the content creators’ hard work so they keep doing their job. Asking for such donations can also create a sense of community within the followers of one’s channel or stream.

To add the option of donation submissions on Twitch, one has to go to the profile and find the “my selling tool” option. This will take you to the page where you can click on the PayPal option and update it. Then one can go on the link that asks to “create a new button”. There are several different types of buttons made available by Twitch to help its streamers and creators. For donations, one has to create a donation button.

how to donate on twitch

How to donate on Twitch?

Streamers can easily ask for donations from their viewers for their well-defined causes by simply setting up a PayPal donations button. Content creators and streamers can also link their email addresses directly linked to their Paypal account and ask the viewers to donate that way.

As a viewer or a follower, all one has to do to donate to a content creator is to scroll down their profile and click on the donation button or given link. Depending on the method of donations applied by the steamer, one might have to donate in cash or cryptocurrency. The donations are sent through streamlabs. They do not take a cut for any donations as they are paid directly by the payment processors. It is important to have good followers to gain donations on Twitch.

How to donate on Twitch using bits?

Bits are a form of virtual currency only existing on Twitch used by the followers to show appreciation to their favorite content creators and broadcast streamers. To buy and donate bits on twitch the follower has to-

  • Go on Twitch and select the streamer they want to donate to. One has to go to their channel.
  • On the channel, there will be a Get Bits option on the top right corner of the streaming screen. There is also a bits icon available in the send message box where the follower can click.
  • Once one has reached the buying bits site, they can click on Buy and purchase the number of bits they want to buy. The payment for the bits can be done through PayPal as well as cards.
  • Now the follower has to wait for a few minutes or mere seconds for the system to update their inventory.
  • Once the inventory has been updated, the viewer can cheer the respective amount they want to donate. Once the cheer panel is complete, the transaction is complete as well.

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