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Facebook Marketing is naturally part of every well-designed social media marketing mix. After all, Facebook is quite simply the classic among social networks and is used by around 2.7 billion people worldwide. As far as the German-speaking countries are concerned, the figures are around 32 million in Germany, 3.9 million in Austria and 3.8 million in Switzerland – also really remarkable.

Of course, many people use Facebook simply for private fun and to keep in touch with friends all over the world. However, Facebook is particularly suitable for companies and freelancers to reach a huge audience with clever marketing. The big advantage is that this can be done in a very targeted way by determining and analyzing target groups and that it is also relatively inexpensive. At least compared to conventional advertising channels.

Another group that can benefit greatly from good Facebook marketing is the ubiquitous influencers.

So if you want to use Facebook professionally, you should have a good marketing strategy and don’t forget to buy Facebook Page Likes!


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In order to be successful with Facebook as an entrepreneur, freelancer or influencer, the most important thing is the reach – i.e. how many people get your posts in the end, read them and then ideally interact with them.

Therefore your goal must be to get as many Facebook Page Likes as possible. Whoever gives your fan page a Like signalizes that they find you and your account interesting and would like to be kept up to date with your posts. And of course, the Facebook algorithm registers this. The more followers a Facebook page has, the more relevant it is and the more relevant it appears in the search results on the top positions. It is also important for Influencer to have a good reach because this is the most important criterion for advertising partners. They naturally want marketing help from someone who can reach many thousands of potential customers.

There is also an important phenomenon that plays a huge role in social media. People tend to give the Facebook page a Like, where there are already many fans. So there seems to be a kind of herd instinct and people are magnetically attracted to Facebook accounts where many other users are buzzing around. One of the reasons for this is the social proof, i.e. the fact that particularly high-quality content and interesting action is assumed here because so many have already licked the page.

So one thing leads to another – many Facebook Page Likes automatically mean even more Page Likes. Unfortunately, this also means that a few page likes will result in a lower growth of likes – a real vicious circle. As a result, many people in front of you and you will probably also consider throwing in the towel. It’s just very frustrating when you try so hard to build up a page, look after it lovingly and then simply don’t get paid for all the work. That’s why buying Facebook Page Likes is a very popular strategy.

How do you get many Facebook Page Likes?

Before you go to buy Facebook Page Likes, you should have already done some things yourself. The idea is that by buying Facebook Page Likes you get the ball rolling and then organic Facebook Page Likes will appear on their own. Of course, buying Facebook Page Likes does not work wonders and as a sole measure it is not sustainable.

The first thing you have to do is to create a really attractive and well thought out fan page and to work out a coherent strategy for its support and then stick to it.

It’s also good to know who exactly your target group is, what they expect from your site and what kind of posts they like. The time of day and the days of the week on which potential customers are particularly active on Facebook also play an important role. You should upload your content, especially at these times.

Be active on a regular basis, but also make sure that you have high-quality content. Because the competition on Facebook is fierce and you have to offer something to the spoiled users.

Remember that many people come across you by chance or through your paid advertising. If they don’t like what they find, they will turn to the competition in the worst case.

A very good idea is special offers with discounts, raffles, etc. This way you can directly ask them to add a Like to your Facebook page. Typically, this can also be combined with the request to share or to leave a comment. So you not only get the like but also other forms of interaction. All this is good for your ranking because the Facebook algorithm not only evaluates the amount of Facebook Page Likes but also re-posts comments and posts.

However, you need a lot of patience for all these marketing activities and it can be very slow, especially in the beginning. A good option is therefore to buy Facebook Page Likes!

Buying Facebook Page Likes at Famouz.io – a good strategy

So the positive effect of many Facebook Page Likes is quite clear, the more people follow you, the more Page Likes but also Post Likes, Comments Re-Posts you get. The algorithm will notice you and you will be on the top of the search results and in the best case your fanpage will be a real trendsetter.

Now, of course, you need a reliable partner to make sure that buying Facebook Page Likes works smoothly and efficiently.

We at Famouz.io have years of experience and a large database of verified providers of Facebook Page Likes and other interactions. Simply select the quantity you want, enter all the necessary information and pay securely and easily, e.g. via PayPal.

Of course, your data is absolutely safe with us, because privacy is sacred to us. No one will ever know that you helped your fan page with Facebook Page Likes Buying Likes at Famouz.io. Anyway, you’re in good company because most companies, freelancers and influencers sooner or later turn to this option for support.

If you have any further questions or need help with Diener Strategy, please feel free to contact our friendly team. Just write us an email or contact us via Live Chat!

You can still post your Facebook Fanpage with Facebook Page Likes from Famouz.io today!



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