Adfluencer is platform that has brought out a very new and effective concept to help in connecting directly the different influencers across the social media such as the Instagram influencers, YouTubers, TikTok creators with the different brands and advertising partners. Whether it is the macro or the micro marketing level, they are in touch with the top influencers in Germany. Along with small and local clients they have a global client base as well such as the Wikia. Inc, Huawei or the Fandom.

This company was formed during the early 2018 having an objective to connecting the content creators on the social media to its brand and advertising partners so that there is a scope of growth both ways. Their specialty lies in the fact that their target is the Gen Z as they are the group that is focused on influencers as their role models. The concept of influencer marketing works well with Gen Z, being contemporary, direct and emotional. And this platform holds expertise over the German-speaking regions.



The area of work

Influencer advertising campaigns

The fast-paced world if today is heavily depended on successful advertising marketing campaigns. And the strategy over the social media has worked well both for the brands and the influencers.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing collaborates well with social media and the brands and creates successful campaigns. An efficient marketing and influencer agency knows the various options that needs to be influenced in order to achieve maximum results. Is all about creating a noise tactfully around the business to make it reach to its target group.  So, a right combination of the influencer and the agency is very essential.

Buying shoutouts on Instagram

This is a very classic and smart approach to influencer marketing. It is about paying the influencer so that helps into promoting the brand of yours.  This promotion usually is been done through posting a photo, video over the Instagram page. Or it is also been done as a mention in the stories.


Social media management services

Through social media management strategy, you are able to fulfil two requirements in a single approach. Having the backing of the appropriate social media channel, both the influencer and the advertiser can make a good amount of profit through it. To create the right content in order to promote the business and influencing the right audience is the main purpose and objective of it.

Merchandise store

What makes a content creator successful is his ability to understand what the fans expects out of him. So, it is important to know the demands of the audience and then creating your own set of merchandise that they would love to have.

Social media platforms are a great way of knowing the tastes of the audience and also the type of merchandize that are popular in the market and are a trend. This free research shall help you into making the merchandise as per the customer demands.

Marketing campaigns on Facebook

Facebook is a great option for marketing campaigns. A great advantage it provides is that, allowing you to to reach the target audience based on the demographic you are in. Its features such as the news sharing and video sharing, having polls and making groups and Facebook live feature reaches to millions of people within a few seconds.

Promotion on TikTok video

TikTok videos has on offer a degree of social media engagement that other apps fail to match. Before going to purchase anything, the fans always research on the reviews of its views. More fan follows the reviews and the likes. It signifies them about the popularity of it. It is surely a cost effective and a successful way of spreading the popularity of a brand or an individual.

Promotion through YouTube

Promoting it through YouTube videos is a great way to reach out to a large number of audiences. It is important that you invest into buying genuine and quality views and subscribers of YouTube. There are many reputed and authorized agencies that sells the genuine database of customers. Buying from such a reliable source shall surely help you and the brand to expand and gain popularity.

Influencer Support

Creating explainer videos are always a great way of reaching out to a larger mass of audience across the social media. Explainer videos are one such category that are always highly received by its viewers on YouTube and also across various other social networking platforms. The biggest advantage of the explainer videos is thar, these are customized as per the audience you shall be explaining to. So, these videos are well received by your target audience and does leave an impact on them as they too belong for the same background or has a good deal of knowledge about it.