DragonsNest is a wonderful AirBnB holiday home in Schwaig, very near to Nuremberg. The place where this holiday home is, has easy access to public transport, motorway and is very near to the airport as well. From here you shall be able to reach the city center of Nuremberg in fifteen minutes. This hone has a state-of-the-art breakfast each morning.


decorations with air-condition and comfortable furnishings with emphasis on attention to detailing.

They provide speed WFfi and also Chromecast and Netflix. There is a jacuzzi too. If you have driven here by a car, you shall get space her for parking or else they have a facility of airport pickup too. You shall also be provided a wonderful

The accommodation

This is an ultra-modern but extremely cozy place too which was actually loft from their old attic which they have renovated and redesigned completely from the basics again. They have rebuilt it by themselves giving a lot of attention to its detailing.

This can be your smart home and workplace. The entire system of the lighting can be operated easily through voice control. The 4K TV is connected to Chromecast and Netflix. You shall be able to watch the streaming from your phone directly on the Tv.

Added to this, the WiFi setup is of high-speed and a usage up to 200 MBit has been provided for free. This is indeed a great place and can be used as a temporary workstation.   It has a desk where you shall need all that you require. These is also an external monitor and multiple cables for charging with adapters and many more things.

The design and equipment here in this holiday home has been made giving an ultra-modern taste to it but at the same time it has been taken care of that it is very much comfortable to stay in. Some of the other facilities that you shall able to enjoy here are a small balcony that gives a view of outside, if you happen to play the piano then, you shall find an electric piano available here, there is a giant panda and arrangements for playing the board games too have been made. It has arrangements for wellness and relaxation.

The bathroom almost gives the feeling of being in a spa oasis, having a bathtub fitted with waterfall spouts that gives multiple massage jets. Even you shall find some bath additives with different flavors.


The location and the surroundings of this place

This house is situated in a quiet residential area of Schwaig which is very near to Nuremberg. You could hardly hear any noise in its surroundings. Especially during the night, it turns absolutely silent. From here you shall be able to reach the S-Bahn within a five minutes-walk and can also be at the main train station at Nuremberg in approximately twelve minutes.

To enjoy the nature out into the country side, it shall only take a short drive for you from Schwaig. Around the immediate vicinity you can find the river Pegnitz having a beautiful meadow to walk. There is a facility for a wonderful indoor pool, while at the outdoors, you can visit the Schwaiger Castle or many good restaurants too.

The apartment for the guests to stay is on the second floor while the owners stay on the ground floor of the house. There is no facility for the elevator available but, the owners are always there to help you with the luggage while climbing up the stairs.

The reasons for your stay here

The concept of Airbnb is indeed very popular and the easiest option for stay when people are looking for a comfortable place to stay during travel. These are spaces created on the residential properties of the owners who gives it on rent to guests for staying for a short duration.

Apart from all the facilities that have been already mentioned of, the other reasons why you should choose DragonsNest to stay is because, it offers shuttle service to airport pickup. The owners take care of its guests from landing at the airport to providing a comfortable stay until their leaving.

The process of easy scheduling is another reason why people prefer to choose this place to stay. This place has been situated at the center point of all the major sights to visit such as the Erlangen and the Nuremberg, Fürth.  Living in the attic add another charm to this stay here with a kitchen filled with all the essential supplies. Surely it is the perfect place to stay be it you are on a travel due to business reason or leisure. All the important modes of transport can be easily availed from here making it absolutely the perfect thing.