Dunkelwolf is an online-based shop in Germany that sells premium quality authentic LARP armor, leather braces, weapons, fantasy costumes, and cosplay. This shop brings the Renaissance era to you to help you to fulfill living the dreams of your favorite fantasy character. Dunkelwolf not only sells these costumes of premium quality but also, they are authentic too. You shall be able to unleash your creativity not only by dressing as your favorite character but also by using the various individual pieces in your own custom-made costume.

These leather armor and the uniforms of knights, common men, and Vikings belonging to the Renaissance era are sure to add thrill to your urban lifestyle and living.  All these costumes belong from the latest trends designed being inspired by various characters from video games, films, and other media.


Dunkelwolf sells cosplay costumes of superior quality and belonging from a great choice of materials. They offer everything from robes, swords, and wigs to corsets, tunics, and daggers. The list is huge. Customers love its products very much and they are known for their superior quality and great service. In addition to that they also offer color-matched designs and custom-fit outfits as well.

There are also multiple pre-made outfits having a complete set. You shall be able to buy them or even buy separate items that you require and make your personal character as well.

Anime costumes

Anime costumes are very popular in cosplay. You shall be able to choose your favorite one from this shop and enjoy being in the character. These costumes are very vibrant, colorful and are fun outfits.

Blockbuster costumes

Here on this diverse category of costumes, you shall be able to find the costume of your blockbuster hero of knights, wizards, princesses and many more. There are even many choices of costumes upon combining them, into a perfect costume, you shall be a superhero too.  The shop has also a huge range of various background props that shall assist your character’s theme. Indeed, the complete setup in a very envious assortment.


LARP leather armor

The shop has an amazing LARP leather armor collection be it for women, men or even fantasy armor. The supreme quality makes you enjoy a real feeling of a warrior. In addition to that, they also offer padding to the armor as well. They take immense pride on the quality of leather armor they produce. They ensure that it is comfortable and light.


These are very lightweight and completes the look of a knight. It provides comfort and protection. These are also well oiled so that they do not gather rust are made of high-quality steel.


Bracers are a very important part in these medieval costumes. Here in this shop, you shall be able to buy bracers which are made of high-quality leather. In addition to these, there are many more accessories available.

Medieval fashion

The medieval fashion outerwear that is sold at Dunkelwolf is unique. The epic armor is one of the most popular items in this category that shall certainly draw the attention of all due to its shiny exterior.


Gothic style of clothing

There are, multiple variations to gothic clothing. Here you shall be able to find a huge variety of this style of clothing. This style of clothing is unique and eccentric. It has unique characteristics too, that makes it a recognized one.  With time, this style of clothing has earned a huge list of followers too.

Hoods and cowls

Hoods and cowls have always been one of the recognized parts of the medieval dressing. The hoods that are sold here in this shop are attached ones. These are of elbow length and can be pulled over the head easily. Not only does it keep the head warm but also veils the identity. Here, the customer satisfaction is big priority and so they offer a huge range of robes and bonnets to choose from.

Asian fashion

Dunkelwolf has a great range of clothes belonging from a few Asian nations in their shop, that you shall absolutely love. These clothing gives in a sense of tradition, the people and its rich and diverse culture of the region it belongs to.


This shop brings to its customers authentic jewelry pieces. They work really hard into combining the theme of medieval times with this modern market which is entirely consumer specific. The striking feature of medieval jewelry is that it was depended on the different regions and the times when they were created. Here, they completely understand the importance of it and puts in their best efforts into recreating the jewelry of the medieval times as accurate as possible focusing upon each of its intricate details.