Harayuku has got its name from the area called Harajuku, where the Harajuku Station is situated in Tokyo, Japan. In the city, this also happens to be a well-known shopping spot. Every Sunday youngsters gathers there to display unique avant-garde fashion. The area is also surrounded by multiple street markets, groups and soloists performing live music. It is also a trendy place of various premium fashion displays such as the J fashion, K fashion, Japan fashion and Cosplay fashion.

Harajuku fashion style

The desire to dress freely without having to follow the ways set by the society gave birth to the Harajuku fashion statement.  It is considered to be the ultimate of fashion as well as Kawaii fashion. In this form of fashion, different styles are mixed to form a new trend on its own. This shop has been replicating this colorful, innovative, trendy and fun-loving spectacle in its merchandise and deliver it to your homes.

The various fashion trends they are inspired from


If you have been to Japan then surely have seen Kawaii fashion everywhere especially at Harajuku. There are small boutiques and J fashion stores too that seems to focus on the cute Kawaii fashion trends. There are multiple Kawaii and cosplay shops which can be discovered. The objective of Harayuku has been to bring a part of that fashion in Germany.  This is the reason why this online shop sells a premium range of merchandise from Kawaii, Japan and cosplay fashion.

Japanese trend

Some of the fashion trends in Japan are


It has two types of subdivisions to it both for the male and the female. The gothic which is more of a Victorian influence and the sweet which is a Rocco style with bows and ruffles.


Inspired from the 70s punk movement in Japan. It is a display of unusual clothes and accessories that defines a rebellious character.


The boys here are more into the Victorian style of dressing

Visual Kei

This style of dressing is of androgynous and flashy character.


Using lots of cute and playful accessories is the main theme of this style.

These styles are also connected to cosplay. In this cosplay shop you shall find these merchandize such as the daily cosplay streetwear, anime fashion for the fans of Japan and K-pop. 

Trend of Tokyo

The scenario of the present trend of Tokyo are:


This style is more like the Californian girl type. 

Cosplay Shop

This dressing style is more about following the role models.


This style of fashion is to combining the traditional style of Japanese fashion along with the western style of fashion.

Kawaii store

This is more of a delicate and adorable style of dressing more of a childlike sense having pink or pastel.

The types of Kawaii outfits that are sold here


The types of outfits belonging to Kawaii fashion which are sold here are:

K-pop Merch

In view of many K-pop fans who are their customers, they offer many K-pop merchandise like t-shirts of various colors and prints., summer wear, winter hoodies and much more.

Cosplay accessories

The Harayuku Modo accessories that are here in this shop are a must buy for all cosplay lovers. These accessories elevate the costumes and makes a true fashion statement. This shop has a great collection for women and men accessories. Although the same can be worn by both the genders as Korean fashion tends to be somewhat androgynous in nature.

Fashion for anime fans

The style of fashion at Harajuku happens to be a smart combination of styles. This is the reason why here in this shop you shall be able to discover many options thar shall enable you to experiment and mix and match with different clothes and creatively form a fresh new style of your own.  A genuine cosplayer shall never want certain elements to be missing from his everyday life so they shall be able to take full advantage of merchandise sold in this shop and remain true to their style in a subtle and elegant way.   

Fashion for females

Kawaii fashion is very popular amongst women or females. It is more about nice soft shades which is cute and chic clothes belonging to every styles.  

Fashion for males

Hi quality t-shirts having bright prints and hoodies are always popular with men

Fashion for kids

As per the Kawaii culture of fashion since it is all about the emphasis of wearing child-like clothes highlighting the innocence so such clothes are of a fashion amongst both the boys and the girls.

This shop has chic and likeable designs of colorful clothing for females, kids and males. And there are various clothes for different seasons as well. Upon searching through their site, you are sure to get plenty of clothes that are of your taste. These can also make great presents too for your loved ones.