Kiguki is a premium onesie shop that sells original kigurumi and animal onesie. Apart from these it also has a huge section of cosplays, one-piece overalls, and also jumpsuits. Kigurumis are the types of costumes whose origin belongs from the Far East. The meaning of this type of clothing is plush toys to wear. This culture of wearing cute-looking one-piece suits had come from Japan and has now become a part of Germany too. 

Kigurumis and Onesies


It is said that once you wear an animal made fluffy kigurumi, which is the complete or animal onesie, you shall find it hard to take it off from you because of its comfort. Here in this shop, you shall be able to buy premium onesies and also animal kigurumis.

The onesies made out of animal is extremely generously cut and are very comfortable to wear. This also makes them worn as house suits by many customers too. Other than comfort, they happen to be cozy and warm as well the reason for being so is because they are made out of a fleece. 

These Kigurumis has funny looking hoods which makes these costumes perfect and in addition to thar it surely makes them warm as well. The animal made onesies comes in all kinds of variations in this shop. More to this, they also have pajamas and jumpsuits for both women and men.

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Kigurumi Cosplay

In this shop you can be sure to get premium kigurumis because they are purposely cut wide enough so that street clothes could be comfortably worn underneath them. These make a great one-piece complete costume having a hood too. A perfect pair of shoes and a little make-up shall complete your look. No matter for whichever event you may be wearing it, it shall always make you look great. There are a wide range of kigurumis and onesies available here in this shop for you to choose from.  

This shop all types of such costumes and clothes are sold. They even have a great range of animal motifs thar you shall be able to choose from. All you got to do is decide on which one to pick amongst a multitude of choices left before you.

Costumes of Cosplay

Cosplays has surely become popular than before. The fans love to portray their favorite characters through the use of these brilliantly crafted costumes. The thing about cosplay costumes is that a fan no only wishes to look like the character whose costume be is wearing but also, tries to live that character as well while into the costume. So, it is about playing the role too and not only wearing the disguise. Its more about temporarily adopting the personality of something which you are not in real.  

Things to keep in mind during the purchase


It is important that you buy the costume of a good quality so that you are able to keep your beautiful kigurumi costume with you for a longer time. Onesie can be easily maintained and be taken care of. You shall be able to wash the kigurumi easily in a washing machine but remember to dry it inside out and allow it to dry in the air. Using a dryer is not recommended at all.

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Remember in case of any accidental stains on the costume, it is ways better to immediately remove the stains by hand. It is always good to wash the patch that needs immediate attention on the costume. Frequent machine wash shall wear out the longevity of the costume.    

The size of these costumes usually comes in a single size that fits everyone. But if you happen to see there are different sizes of the kigurumi costume available and you are unsure about picking the right one then in that case, remember to pick the loose fitted ones other than the tightly fitting ones. The charm lies in the comfortable oversized cosplays.

 K-pop fashion

Korean Popular Music or the K-pop has evolved into becoming more popular than ever before. The world seems to be charmed by this South Korean style of music. 

One of the most striking features of it is that the vocalists always have a perfect style of theirs having worn very creative, bright and colorful clothes. Even their songs are beautifully choreographed and creates a visual appeal in them. This same aspect of theirs can be seen during live gigs and also in their music videos. 

Kigurumis and K-pop blends well together

Many K-pop groups tends to dress up in Kawaii way and appears cute, colorful, innocent and cheerful. Along with it the stage performance of kigurumis mascots blends perfectly and together they put up a spectacular show.