Nekodanshi are the cosplayer talent and management agency, based in Germany. Here the cosplayers can register themselves and get a call for work at different events. The business houses too can take the support of this agency into getting the suitable cosplayer for their even. This agency is yet to function online.


Helping you to connect to the cosplayers

This agency has a large pool of cosplayers on offer for its customers. If any customer is looking for any specific person or wants to have a cosplayer for any specific event or a role then this agency is the best place to get in touch with and find the cosplayer exactly as one requires. It is difficult for a cosplayer to arrange for a client each time as this industry is huge.

Even they find it difficult to get the right opportunity where they shall be able to show their talents as well as the skills. Nekodanshi is about providing that help and support to the cosplayers. It helps them to get clients, brands and companies where the cosplayer could collaborate.

What Nekodanshi does is, they manage the bookings for cosplayers and provides them resources and the support that they need for being able to take their career in the art of cosplay into the next level. Whether the cosplayer is a beginner or has plenty of experiences, this agency surely is the perfect choice for it.

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The reason why this agency has been named Nekodanshi

The word NekodNekod comes from a Japanese term for a kitten. This agency and a management company for cosplayers has adopted this particular name. Here they help into booking jobs and also connects the cosplayers with the brands, the companies for collaboration.

This agency for cosplayers is surely a big support and a medium to simplify the procedures of booking as everything happens under one roof.  This agency provides all types of information to the cosplayers about where they are to join for their next project and more.

This agency is very experienced are very resourceful having a great deal of knowledge a about this cosplay industry. This is the reason why, each cosplayer who are associated with it have been advised well and are always encouraged to grab all the knowledge this agency has to offer.

In addition to that, this agency provides the cosplayers different opportunities so that they could improve their skills and get to learn the details on working in this industry. This agency provides support so that the cosplayers are able to take their careers to a higher level.


How to choose a right cosplayer for your event

Cosplayers would find in here, helpful tips and advises on the website of the agency. This agency also give opportunity to the cosplayers an opportunity into signing up for the workshop that would help them into improving their skills.

All these workshops are conducted by the professionals of this industry in order to give them the best knowledge. The agency also gives access to the cosplayers into a wide range of resources even to the database of contacts. This surely is very helpful for the purposes of collaboration. Undoubtedly this agency is surely all that you require.

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The services of this agency and the process of bookings

The agency can help you with many services to your career in cosplay. One of such services is making bookings of the cosplayers for photo shoots and events. Its extensive collection of databases containing the list of cosplayers from around the world that would suit your event or even the photoshoot. To make bookings of the cosplayers, you shall be able to do it directly from the agency’s website.

Collaborations and guidance

There are brands and companies who works regularly with cosplayers into promoting their products. This agency can help the cosplayers into connecting with these clients and earn the best deals and collaborations. The team of experts provides guidance on the various aspects of cosplay.

Advice on marketing and the connectivity with brands

How to be a part of the Nekodanshi team:

In order to collaborate with the team, if you happen to be a cosplayer then, keep your portfolio complete and up to date always. As you sign with the agency, a profile page of yours gets creates on the website which the companies and brands can check and go through your portfolio too. So, this is why it is must for you to keep the portfolio updated, having the mention about your latest work.

It is important too into maintaining a respectful and professional approach while making deals with clients because you not only represent yourself but also the agency. In order to earn the goodwill for yourself and the agency and also get more projects in the future, you should keep your commitments.

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