The question on Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Stories is a popular and trending question of all. Instagram came into existence in the year 2010 and since then won a special place in the hearts of people.

People these days are very involved on Instagram. The features of Instagram have been getting exciting after every update. Each update of Instagram brings new and more features to grab the attention of the people.

Thus, Instagram became the top-rated application among all the social media applications. Even though Instagram was launched by Facebook, it managed to win over Facebook regarding the exciting features. If you also have the question “can you see who views your Instagram stories”, then the answer is Yes.

If you post any story on your Instagram account, you can see who views your Instagram story. Although, others cannot see who views your Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are the most exciting features of Instagram providing you with different filters and effects to make your story look beautiful. Getting more comments on any post is the happiest thing for all.

Also, it provides the option to tag people on your story. Thus, it is the exact replica of the post feature of Instagram only with a few differences. The post feature of Instagram allows you to keep your post up to as many days as you want, but the story feature of Instagram only allows you to keep your post up to 24 hours.

After 24 hours, your story automatically gets removed by Instagram. Instagram keeps a record of all the stories you upload. The Highlight feature on your profile keeps all the records of the stories you post. You can add memorable stories to yours on the Highlight feature, and people who visit your profile can also see these posts again. The highlight feature acts as the memory storer of Instagram. All your memories can be found there

can you see who views your Instagram Stories

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Stories In A Few Steps?

Yes, you can see who views your Instagram Stories. But your followers and others cannot see who views your stories. The views on your Instagram stories are private and are restricted to you only. Even you can restrict your stories to be seen only by a few people you want to and your followers.

You can do this by making your account private. The private account helps you to restrict people from viewing your posts. Thus, fewer chances of getting negative comments on your posts. It is a good feature for people.

If they do not restrict fake and doubtful people, then they might get themselves into trouble. You can see who views your Instagram stories in a few steps. These steps are simple and easy to do.

Since, the Instagram application is a little updated than the Instagram website.

So, you might face difficulty in locating the position of icons. Mobile applications might have icons in different places, whereas the icons can be in other places on laptops and computers. The steps to know who views your Instagram stories include:

Instagram application

  • The first and foremost step is the opening of an Instagram application or website. Be it any device you use, without opening the application, or website you cannot view your stuff.
  • Now for viewing the number of views on your story, you need to upload a story first. Without uploading any story, it is obviously impossible to see who viewed it or not.
  • Just for the step to know who viewed your story, upload any random photo by clicking on the story option on the top of your screen. For any device, the placing of the story icon is the same in every place.
  • After you choose a photo, upload it to the story by clicking on the send option.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes and then refresh.
  • Then press to view your story, and in the left at the corner towards the lower section of your screen. You can find a little arrow directing upwards with the number of views written below that arrow.
  • Click on that arrow, and the screen of the number of people viewing your story will be on your screen.
  • Scroll down and see who views your story and who is not. You can also see who is online from that viewing list.

These are the simple ways that might help you know who views your Instagram Stories and who does not. Also, you can get to know who is online and who is not.

                                   Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Stories? Get The Best Guide Instagram Stories In A Few Steps

Here is answer to your question ‘can you see who views your Instagram stories?’