When you have to share multiple images on Instagram, it is essential to know how to do. However, we are here to help you tell how to add multiple photos to Instagram story. People like to share multiple images on their stories as it is a time-saving process. You don’t have to put each story individually, as you can post them together.

Moreover, posting regular and lots of photos on Instagram stories helps in keeping your followers engaged. They feel impressive and relatable with your content. But how to add multiple photos to Instagram story? If you don’t know how we will tell you all the steps you need to know. Various ways are there to post an Instagram story; you only need to be aware of them. We will help you learn and understand the process. Are you ready to know how to do that? Let’s get started then!

how to add multiple photos to Instagram story

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story?

People love to see each other’s Instagram stories. But if the story is not interesting enough, people lose interest. Therefore, it is essential to post something attractive and interesting. If you want to save time, it is advised to post multiple stories. But if you don’t know how to post multiple stories, the process may become difficult for you. Who do you want to post multiple stories by adding more than two images for making a collage? You should know how to add multiple photos to an Instagram story

Creating an Instagram story with many images takes lesser time to upload and saves you data. Here is how you can create a story having multiple photos.

  • The first step is to tap your camera to open your stories on the mobile.
  • Next, you have to click on the photo icon that is present at the bottom of the story screen.
  • Then, you have to choose the icon that can use multiple images. This icon is located above your photo gallery.
  • Now, you have to select the photos that you want to add. To select the images, you have to tap on them. Remember that the images will appear in the order you select them. So, you have to select carefully. While taping or selecting the photos, numbers will appear on them so that you can keep track of the order and the number of photos. The maximum number of photos that you can add to a story at a single time is 10. So, make sure you do not exceed the limit.
  • Once you have selected the images, you have to select the next option for further process.
  • You can now add stickers, emojis, text, music, and any background that you want to insert into your story.
  • After the editing is finished, you have to tap next.
  • Now, you can tap on the story option to share the photos in the order you have selected them.

how to add multiple photos to Instagram story

These were the steps to add multiple images to your stories. Next, we will see how to add multiple images to the same story. It is also an easy process. If you haven’t done this before, don’t be afraid, as we will tell you all the steps. So, let’s start with the steps.

  • First, you have to select the sticker option that you find in the Instagram story. This icon will let you add photos to your story.
  • Once you have found the photo sticker in the sticker section, you have to tap on it to start selecting the images.
  • To post multiple images on the same story, you will have to repeat the process of inserting images again and again. You have to make post images on a single story through the repeated process.
  • You can drag the images in a different position to make them look like you want to show your audience. Once you have arranges the images in the right order and position, you can add other elements such as text, stickers, and music to your story.
  • The last step is you post the story by tapping on the post option.

These were the simple steps to add multiple images to a single story. If you want to post stories, you must have a significant number of followers. If you want to increase your following, you should buy Instagram followers, as it is the fastest way of gaining followers. Also, if you are posting images, there should be an adequate audience to watch them. Here is how to add multiple photos to Instagram story.