Instagram is a social media platform that encourages users every moment to upload photos and videos. But, whenever there is a technical problem, most people think about how to contact Instagram? As the number of users on Instagram grows, it is natural to increase the submission number of customer support.

You cannot contact Instagram through telephone. You have to resolve them by using the Instagram help center.

How do you contact Instagram?

You can talk to Automated Bots by calling Instagram. One billion users are growing on Instagram every month. So, you can say that people are satisfied with the customer service. Instagram has a direct calling number that is (650) 543-4800, but you have to talk with the bot service. Earlier, you could mail on Instagram ([email protected]), but now you don’t get that facility anymore. So, are you worried about how to contact Instagram?

Nowadays, Instagram has a robust help center where you can get almost every answer. It is an easy option for you to report any content or profile. You will get the facilities on both android and iPhone. Moreover, you can access it via desktop or laptop. You should follow the procedure with a few steps.

  • First, open your Instagram profile on an android or ios device.
  • Go to the bottom of the menu bar and tap the profile icon.
  • Select the settings icon to proceed further.
  • Click the help center to get a self-service feature.
  • Select the issue you have and start resolving the problem.

Contact through the website

  • If you want to see the procedure on a big screen, start the procedure through a desktop or laptop.
  • Firstly, you have to sign in to Instagram or you can open the official Instagram website. Tap the profile icon that is visible to the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then, go to the settings by selecting the gear icon. Scroll down to click the help button.
  • Select your topic from the dashboard and solve the problem.

 When to report on Instagram?

If you find any offensive posts or comments on Instagram, you have to contact Instagram. But, if you are not a technical person, how do you know how to contact Instagram? Before reporting any content, you should check the Instagram guidelines to reconfirm the illegality.

  • Intellectual property: Any trademarks, slogans, word, symbol, and design shows the distinguishing ability of products, Instagram will remove them from the platform.
  • Nudity: Any pictures, art pieces, or sculptures that contain adult nudity are against Instagram Guidelines.
  • Hateful slogans: If there are any posts based on race, identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and harassment, report them soon.

how to contact Instagram

  • Drug activities: Instagram will remove the content that supports terrorism or drug addiction.
  • Self-injury: If there is any self-torture and eating disorder in any post, it will not increase awareness. Reporting this content will remove it.
  • Graphic violence: If any photo or video contains intense and graphic violence that could harm religion or society, know how to contact Instagram and remove it.

how to contact Instagram

 What should you do if you fail to contact Instagram?

If you do not receive a satisfactory response or no response at all, do not remain silent. Yet you can get answers to your desired questions. Check out the Q&A at the Instagram Help Center. Maybe there is your answer that you missed the last time.

Secondly, you send a support request again using an online form. If you follow all the guidelines on Instagram, you can fill out the support request form. It is better not to select the reason that your account has been hacked. In most cases, those requests are ignored.


Those who have been on social media platforms for a long time will know that sometimes we all face different problems. Sometimes they are technical problems or sometimes, we have to ask for help from that specific platform to report any obscene content. Even though Instagram is a safe and secure social platform, if there is any technical difficulty, the only thought that comes to our mind is how to contact Instagram.

Besides, sometimes you wish to increase your followers to get more popularity. In that case, you can seek help from a famous social media provider. It is the most trustworthy way to get thousands of likes instantly.