Instagram has become immensely popular in the last few years. People from all age group prefers using Instagram over the other social media application. There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of Instagram. However, the prominent reason is that the app provides a user-friendly experience. It is how to get dark mode on Instagram

It is trendy and interactive, which makes it best for entertainment. Over the years, Instagram has adopted many features to increase the user experience of the application. The dark mode is a relatively new feature, and not everyone knows about it. Almost all social media has adopted the dark mode feature, and Instagram is not any different. There is much reason why people prefer using dark mode. Most people find dark mode aesthetically appealing. The dark mode is attractive and easier on the eyes.

If you are one of those people who fall in that category, then keep reading this article. Before jumping on how to get dark mode on Instagram, let us discuss some facts and benefits of using dark mode.

how to get dark mode on Instagram

It is the best option for your eyesight 

If you are someone who is using the application for long hours, then the dark mode will be your best friend. They are the best option for your eyes. If you use dark mode, then it will not sting or make your eyes feel tired. The low brightness of the dark mode will treat your eyes kindly, especially when you are using the application at night/

However, even though it will keep your eyes relaxed for a long time, it does not mean that it is better for your eyes. It is harder to see in the dark mode. Hence, it is better to find some quick ways to increase Instagram followers, which will decrease the amount of time you spend on Instagram.

The blue light protection 

 The light mode emits more blue light than the dark mode. The blue light is responsible for altering the circadian rhythm, which causes sleep problems. Hence, it is better to learn how to get dark mode on Instagram and other such applications.

Now let us discover how to get dark mode on Instagram on various operating systems.

The Instagram dark mode is a setting where the app will have a black interface. Everything white will turn into black, excluding posts, stories, and reels. It will adjust the screen of your application to give it a dark appearance. It helps in improving the readability, and it looks aesthetically pleasing.


For android, turning the dark mode on is much simpler. You can do it through the Instagram app or by phone settings as well. Let us discuss first how to get dark mode on Instagram through phone settings. Go to the phone settings and navigate the display option. There you can select the option ‘Advance’ and scroll to the bottom of the list. You will have the option name as ‘device theme.’ Select that option and turn the dark mode on. Along with Instagram, your entire phone will have a dark mode on.

However, if you do not want that, then you can turn the dark mode on through Instagram itself. Open the app and navigate yourself to the profile. On the top right corner, you will find three horizontal lines. Select that and open Instagram settings.

how to get dark mode on Instagram

There you will find an option called ‘theme.’ Here, you can select the dark mode, which will only work for Instagram. You should know that this option is only available for android ten users.

how to get dark mode on Instagram


The first thing you need to keep in mind is, the dark mode is the phone setting and not the app setting. If you are searching for a dark theme setting within the app, then you will have hard luck. Also, if you turn on the dark mode, it will not only affect the Instagram but also, other application, which your phone consist.

You need to check whether your Instagram and phone are supporting dark mode or not. The dark mode setting is only available for iOS 13 and after. If your phone supports then go to the phone settings. Scroll within the settings and find ‘Display and Brightness.’ There you can select the dark mode option. You can turn off the settings whenever you want.