Instagram has become one of the best social media platforms for making money and growing influence. These days almost anyone who has an account over Instagram can make money if one knows how to get paid by instagram. There are a few tricky things that one must understand before one can get Instagram to pay one. Although these aren’t much difficult to perform, it requires some knowledge in the business domain.

There are many ways on how to get paid by instagram and many ways how one can generate a passive income through the platform.  A few of the best ways people use to get paid are given below. Although, one must note that these ways work only with an Instagram business account, and they are not feasible with the personal Instagram account.

Promote your own products

One of the best ways on how to get paid by instagram is to promote your own products. If one has a website and sells any kind of services or products, Instagram is a great place to promote and sell those services or products. Although, one will have to take the hard work and create an audience to generate lead. One will have to gather people and help them solve their problems. If one is able to do that then one will have a good time making money over Instagram.

how to get paid by instagram

Another way one can make money through Instagram is by making sponsored posts. These posts are the best when it comes to money-making over Instagram. Although for promoting other’s posts, the first one needs to have a fan following of one’s own. Therefore, if one has a huge number of followers, promoting other’s posts is one of the best ways to make money. If one has more than ten thousand followers, one can even promote other people’s products through the swipe-up feature. It can be quite helpful as one can make money just by sharing stories over Instagram.

Affiliate product marketing

how to get paid by instagram

Another way one can make money over Instagram is by affiliate marketing. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is promoting other products via a link and if anyone buys that particular product through the same link, one will get a commission for marketing the product. Therefore, if one has a huge number of followers, one can do affiliate marketing for different customers and products to earn that extra commission and money via Instagram.

Become a virtual assistant

Another way one can make money on Instagram is by becoming a virtual assistant. One can become an assistant in many niches and help other accounts to grow. But again, if one wants to become an assistant one should have a proven record to show beforehand to the customers. If one has any kind of record, one can easily become a virtual assistant over Instagram and make money. One can even become the admin of many famous Instagram accounts and make them pay for handling all the posts and other stuff on that particular account.

Sell different kinds of services.

Another best way one can make money through Instagram is by selling different kinds of services. People sell tons of services, including photography, caption writing services, image editing, and many more. If one is interested or skilled in one particular thing, let Instagram be the face of the skill and help one get many clients. These skills are in demand in today’s world, and one can make money out of them. Another thing one can do is promote other’s services. It means that one can have a service of promoting other’s services over Instagram.

Dropship products

Drop shipping is a complete business model through which one can generate money. One of the best things about it is that one doesn’t need to worry about making the product from scratch, or one doesn’t need to worry about shipping them. All one has to do is hire some people through the website and shipping the products directly from the warehouse. The best thing is one can promote this business not only on just Instagram but on all the platforms and increase the business