There are some steps that will help you to know how to get the blue check on Instagram easily.

  1. The first step beings with profile verification. You need to go to your profile and then tap on the hamburger icon. This icon is available in the topmost corner of the page.
  2. Then you need to tap on settings. After that, you will see a list that has appeared on the screen.
  3. You can tap account then.
  4. After that, an option will pop up called “request verification”
  5. The next step is to fill the application form. It will require your legal name or you can fill in your working name too. You will then have to select the category of the industry that you are associated with. After that, you will have to submit your government id proof.
  6. You need to tap send and wait for their response.

How to get the blue check on Instagram

These simple steps are the answer to the question of how to get verified Instagram easily. The team of Instagram first reviews your application. After that, they will send a response to your notification tab. Instagram will not ask for any money or email you. After waiting for a few weeks, you will receive a message directly saying “yes” or “no”. You will not get any feedback or any explanation.

how to get the blue check on instagram

Update your account to get verified

If you want to know how to get the blue check on Instagram then you must first upgrade your account. Everyone wants to get verified on Instagram. Your digital profile gets upgraded. Refer to the steps on how to get the blue check on Instagram. The first thing is that your account should be highly authentic.

Instagram does not verify any kind of fan-based account or any meme page. Your account should be totally unique. Instagram will verify the account of only one person. Or any individual business can get verification from Instagram. There are exceptions such as the language-specific accounts. So, try to make your account unique.

Your account has to be public. If you are having a private account then you cannot apply for the verification badge. Also, you should have a complete bio and specific posts so that your account looks real. So, this is another important factor to consider before you apply for verification. You have to be a notable person. A well-known person will not take much time to gain popularity. Instagram will check the notability of your account and then you will get verified. The name that has been searched frequently gets the verification in one go.

how to get the blue check on instagram

Tips to get verified on Instagram

Do not try to verify a verification badge: If there is someone who says that they will get you verified on Instagram then do not believe them. Do not try to give money to anyone. Do not try to contact any third party that will get you verified. Selling the badge will not help you. Do not trust any unnecessary messages that come into your DM. Try to follow the steps that will help to get you verified on Instagram. It is a legal procedure and you will not land into any problem in the future also. Tips to get verified on Instagram

Do not trust fake accounts: If you are facing any kind of problem with fake accounts, then you can get rid of the problem. When you get verified on Instagram them you become a prime customer. If you want to differentiate the real accounts from the fake ones, then you can easily do it after you have got verified. You can report to Instagram if you are facing any kind of trouble with the impostor accounts. So, always try to stay away from these accounts. Then you can use Instagram smoothly in the future too.

Try to get real followers: Sometimes, you will need large number of followers if you want to know how to get the blue check on Instagram.  There is no specific rule for that but sometimes it may be necessary. Followers count helps to enhance the brand and that is having huge followers is mandatory.

Be highly searched: Instagram checks that if you are popular or not. If people start connecting to you, then your verification will not take much time.