This article will tell you the steps on how to post gifs on Instagram and it will reach your followers. Instagram is a good social media platform where you can share your pictures and videos. People still do not know the proper steps to upload a GIF on Instagram properly. The two methods are to covert the video and the second is to use the Giphy app. Let us check the methods.

Convert GIF into the video

It is a great feature that Instagram will allow the users to post a video that is fifteen seconds long. This feature can be used to create a GIF effectively. There are many video converters available. You can directly go to the apps and select the starting and end times.  The apps will convert your video and all the GIF images will be highlighted positively. This is how you can create your Giphy into a video. Even if you want to covert the videos back to image then you can do that too.

You can use the Filmora software to convert your video. You need to first open this application after downloading it on your laptop. Then try to upload the GIF file into the Filmora program. You can also edit it by adding different texts, colors, music, etc. Then select the desired format after creating the video. Once the video is created then you can save it directly on your mobile phone. The program called Filmora will convert it into a video. Then open the Instagram app and add captions before you upload it.

how to post gifs on instagram

Use the Giphy app

Giphy is a popular app that has gained recognition over the years. It allows its users to search for any GIF. They can then share it on different social media platforms. It will convert the images into a video in less time. Then you can share it on Instagram directly. Many types of Instagram GIFs are used by users. All you need to do is select the best one so that it can create a positive impact on your followers.

If you want to know how to post gifs on Instagram directly then you need to know the steps. You need to download the application and after that, it will ask for your authority. It can access your camera on your smartphone. You need to open the app first and search for the GIF. You can also create the Giphy yourself. A purple box will appear with an Instagram symbol. You will get many other sharing options also. Open the Instagram app and then you can post the Giphy file.

You will also get the option to edit your clip. You can put different effects and also insert small images. Before you add the text, you can add images and videos to show it to the world. After you have posted your video, it will start playing and you can see it from the beginning to the end. It will be featured as a boomerang video that your followers can see.

how to post gifs on instagram

Switch to other third-party solutions

We all know that with the help of Giphy you can easily record your GIFs on your phone. You can also promote your content ideas by choosing reliable platforms. Using the app called Giphy is a direct method and gives the option to add fun effects. But other reliable platforms will help you to add music and edit your content. You can choose any platform that you like. The main motive is to increase the followers and boost the growth of your profile.

Find the best GIF on Instagram

It is not enough to know how to post gifs on Instagram but rather select the best GIFs. Instagram will not always have a collection of exclusive GIFs that you can share on your stories. You need to first check the content that you want to upload and then tap the sticker button. Once you tap the sticker button, you will find that many different GIFs will occur. You can select any sticker that you want. If you want to add a GIF then you can do that too. You can then further proceed to upload your story by adjusting the size of the GIF.