Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the most secure and reliable digital medium. Throughout the day, people post countless high-quality videos here. Some have opted for Instagram for brand promotion. But have you ever thought about how to repost Instagram videos?

There are several ways you can repost your old Instagram videos. It can be re-uploaded using the official Instagram app or you can make screen recordings with some minimal editing. You can also repost with the help of a third-party app. If you want to post any old videos to new followers, you can do so with the help of Instagram Story. Tap the paper plane icon below the video you will post and upload it to your story.

So, it is the ideal time to know different ways of reposting old Instagram videos in detail.

how to repost Instagram videos

How to repost via Instagram stories?

There are many ways you can repost an Instagram video but the most convenient way is an Instagram story that your followers can watch all day long. However, after 24 hours, it disappears. So, if you want a permanent repost, I would ask you to choose the screen recording option.

  • Open the Instagram app and select the post that you want to repost.
  • Below the selected post, you will see a paper plane icon. You can repost it to your Instagram story by tapping it. In that case, you have to choose the ‘Add post to your story’ option.
  • Before clicking the share option, you can add a text, sticker, and other content with the post that will appear on your story.
  • People who want to see your Instagram story have to tap the story icon at the left of the news feed screen to view the original post.

Share through screen recording

When you like a video on your Instagram news feed and want to post it to your account or story, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to repost Instagram videos. For this, you don’t have to download the video or any extra app. You can get the full video by screen recording or you can post it by cropping one part of the video.

One thing you should not forget about reposting any content on your Instagram story. You can not crop the username of the source. Screen recording is an in-built option on your smartphone, whether it is android or ios.

how to repost Instagram videos

How to use the repost app

A repost app is an ideal option when you want to repost another user’s photos and videos. The app is available in the play store and is applicable for both android and apple mobile. So, how to repost Instagram videos by using the repost app:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile after logging in if necessary.
  • Select the photos or videos you want to readdress.
  • There is a three-dot icon at the top right corner of the screen and click Copy Link.
  • After opening the repost app, you will see that it has detected the video when you copied the link.
  • At the bottom, you will find a toolbar and adjust the repost if you wish.
  • When you click the repost option, it will take a few minutes to load. In addition, you can copy it and tap the Open Instagram button.
  • If you think the video needs to be resized, you can crop it. There are two arrows in the lower corner of the post that you can click to create your size and add filters.
  • Click the button Next and add your favorite caption, hashtags, and other things like location or tags. 


I expect that the idea about how to repost Instagram videos is clear to you. There is no in-build system to repost your old videos on Instagram. So, either you should screen record or use a repost app. Before sharing the videos, you must have permission to repost them from their source. It will not give you a copyright strike and shows basic manners.

If you want a strong social media presence, you need many followers and their comments. Increasing followers manually is a little bit hectic so, you should seek help from Instagram comments providers. They will give feedback on every video that you will post on your Instagram news feed.