Sometimes it feels like we have too many social media to deal with, and all most all of them are have distractingly busy feeds full of photos, videos, and other updates from friends and business pages you follow. To your aid, we come with the solution to the problem ‘how to repost on Instagram video‘, for every problem internet gives you a solution.

For you, we have got four different ways to aid how to repost on Instagram video. They are easy and free, but many of them need you to download the application, which is available on the Google play store or iOS Appstore.

Well, good news for the users Instagram is different from all the others, it has fewer complexes and gives time to process one feed at a time. It is clean with minimum glitches and allows its users to focus on their beautiful photography skills and interesting videography. But here comes the pickle, with the posts they want to have the ability to easily repost other users’ content, users want to know how to repost on Instagram video.

How to Repost On Instagram Video

It is essential to note that according to Instagram terms and conditions, you must take the consent of the owner of the video for reposting. If you repost any video without informing the user, you have to face serious consequences. You can ask the person for permission either by commenting on the video or asking in Instagram Direct. Either way, you must have consent before sharing or reposting the content.

Once you get the consent of the user or the creator of the video, you can use it for sharing on your social media platform. Now, you have to go through the steps mentioned in this article to repost the content. Then, you can require an external app, which includes Repost for Instagram, DownloadGram, or Instarepost, they are available for both Google Play store users and iOS app store users. And, if you do not want to use any app, you can take a snapshot of the picture with your mobile device.

1. Repost for Instagram

How to Repost On Instagram Video

The first application that you may use for reposting the video on Instagram is the Repost app. You have to download it on your mobile phone and share the videos through it. Once you know which video to repost, you can copy the URL to the clipboard and use the Repost application for sharing it. Before reposting, you may edit the caption and change the other editing elements to share it in just the way you want to.

2. InstaRepost for Instagram

Next on our list is InstaRepost. Like the Repost for the Instagram app, you have to download the InstaRepost application on your mobile. To share the video through this app, you can download the content from other Instagram accounts and share it from your Instagram account. You can know about the original username of the picture or video to ask for permission. After, you can use the video to repost it on your Instagram account by adding captions, stickers, or any other things that you want to add.

3. DownloadGram for Instagram

If you want to get more flexibility in the options, we have another suggestion for you. Use DownloadGram to share or repost videos on Instagram. It helps you in sharing the videos in high-resolution. So, you can provide quality videos to your audience and get praised for that. To repost the video through this application, you have to open the Instagram app and copy the URL of the video you want to repost.

Next, you have to paste the URL on the homepage of DownloadGram to download it. Once the video is downloaded to your mobile phone, it will be saved in your camera roll. Now, you can repost it in simple steps that you use to post the regular stuff.

4. Taking the Screenshot

This method is simple and easy to apply. If you use mobile phones, you may be aware of the screenshot option. All you need to do is take a screenshot of the pic or screen record the video. Then, follow the steps to post them on your Instagram account.

These were the four ways on how to repost on Instagram video. If you are reposting, you may also want to get a lot of likes on them. But how can you get more likes? You can always buy them if you have few followers. We hope you find this article helpful.