Why do people want to schedule an Instagram post? It helps you in saving a lot of time, and you can be prepared for future uncertainties. Do you know how to schedule Instagram post? If not, we will tell you this productive hack to help you increase the efficiency of your posts and their results. There are various benefits of scheduling Instagram posts. You must know these Instagram hacks to tackle modern problems.

Why Is It Beneficial To Schedule Instagram Post

This article will help you know the basic and essential hacks to increase the productivity of your work. However, first, let us know the benefits of scheduling posts on Instagram. If you are an owner of a small business, you should know how to effectively manage social media posts for saving time. Following are the benefits of scheduling Instagram posts:

  • It helps you in saving time and also the energy required for posting at the last minute. So, it is better to schedule the posts in advance.
  • It also helps you in getting ready to meet future inconsistencies. You can change, and edit the post at the last minute according to the requirements. It saves your energy for doing double work.
  • It brings productivity to your work. You can efficiently manage the posts and help in increasing the engagement rate.
  • It also helps you in meeting the needs of your audience. It is necessary to keep posting the content to keep the audience engaged. If people don’t get what they need, they will find some other page or business to follow. So, you must schedule your Instagram post to eliminate the transfer of your audience.
  • It saves you from mental stress. Working on a post can cause you a lot of mental stress. But, when you schedule the post in advance, you can save the last-minute mental pressure.
  • You get more time to think about the post and edit it according to the latest trends. Whether it is adding attractive captions, hashtags of any other text, you can improve the creativity of your post.
  • When you schedule your Instagram post, you can post them from the computer also. Posting content from a computer is more beneficial, as you can post directly after finish editing. On the other hand, posting from a phone may be time-consuming. Therefore, it is essential to schedule Instagram posts.

How to Schedule Instagram Post

If you want to schedule an Instagram post, you have various options for that. You can either use the social media scheduling tools or take help from a third-party app. Here, we will see how to directly schedule an Instagram post by using the social media scheduling tools. Let’s talk about how to schedule Instagram post.

First, you have to decide about the video or post that you want to schedule on Instagram. You can schedule the post regardless of image or video. You can edit the post by adding captions and other editing elements to make it easier to post.

Now, let us see how to schedule an Instagram post by using a single social media tool that helps you schedule an Instagram post.

Scheduling with Creator Studio

If you have a business account, you may have heard about this rescheduling tool, as it has been present in Facebook’s list. To schedule from this tool, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Link your Instagram account with the Creator Studio

In the first step, you have to link your Instagram account with the creator studio tool. It is easier to use. You have to make your profile on creator studio and link your Instagram account.

  1. Click on create a post

After you have linked the account, you have to click on create a post. On clicking this option, you will be prompt to create a post. Here, you have to create a post that you want to schedule.

  1. Upload visuals and edit your post

After creating the post, you have to edit it by adding captions, mentions and hashtags to make it ready to post.

  1. Click on the schedule option 

Once you have finished with the post, you have to click on the schedule option that is present beside the publish button.

By following these steps you can schedule your post. If you are a business account, you may want to increase your audience. Do you know the fastest way of gaining followers, likes and comments on Instagram? You have to buy them online and get more followers fast.