Instagram is one of the best social media networks where many influencers and companies use it to market r promote their product, and increase their sales. Although, posting and putting up stories is a great way to market but one should know how to catch the right audience or how much reach one’s post is making. For this one must know how to see post insights on Instagram and how to utilize the data to the full potential.

To utilize the insights to their full potential, one must know how to see post insights on Instagram and how to make it work for the business. There are many steps in setting the insights and many steps in reading the data. Therefore, if one is interested in growing one’s business, keep reading as to how to see post insights on Instagram and how one can implement the use of data for better marketing.

how to see post insights on Instagram

How to see post insights on Instagram

If one wants to know how to see post insights on Instagram, one must know how to set up an Instagram business account. One requires a business account to see the Instagram insights and check the inside data. If one has already set up a business account, one can continue to the next step.

  • Create or log into one’s Instagram account and change the account to the public mode.
  • After changing the profile, navigate to the setting tab. Once one has navigated to the settings tab, scroll to the bottom, where one will find the switch to business account option.
  • After one click on the option, one will be prompted to connect one’s Facebook page to the account. It is compulsory to have a Facebook page, and that too is linked to the account. It doesn’t matter if the page has any posts or not. Just existence is enough. Therefore if one doesn’t have a Facebook page, make a new one and connect it to the Instagram business account.
  • After the account is created, one can open the homepage and click over the profile picture in the right corner of the screen.
  • Once one clicks on the picture, go to the hamburger menu and search for the insights option. One will find a graphical icon where one can tap, and insights will open.

Understanding the Instagram insights

Instagram insights have lots of data to offer to the account holder. Therefore, if one wants to derive a clear marketing strategy, one needs to understand all the aspects of the data which insights provide. There are mainly three areas where one needs to focus

how to see post insights on Instagram

  • The first area is the activity tab. The activity tab includes everything the audience did to interact with the content. It can display how many views one got on a particular story, how many likes, comments, and shares one got. It can even show how many clicks were made on the link given in the post. If one has a different call to action button on the profile, the activity tab will show how many clicks were made on those buttons. how many people landed on the profile too.
  • The next area which one should understand is the content area. Here one will see analytics related to content. The content is again separated into three parts where one will see analytics of stories, posts, and promoted ads. Therefore, one must be able to read the ads and promoted contents analytics and adjust it accordingly. Another thing one must understand is that hashtags are crucial while writing. The content and they can make a huge difference in the impressions and views of the post.
  • The last part that one must understand is the audience. The audience tab is quite crucial as it is showing data about people. Therefore, one must understand the audience tab clearly and learn about it thoroughly. The audience tab tells one about the followers of one’s account. Not only the followers, but it tells one from which location they are, so one can target the geolocation. It even tells the demographics of the followers. It reveals the age range, location, the primary language, gender, and many more things. Therefore, ensure to go through all the tabs in the insights and then create the marketing strategy.