Instagram is undoubtedly a powerful social media platform where you can do both individual and brand promotion. Around 25 million people around the world promote their products through Instagram post template. It is not always possible to design your content or create a thoughtful Instagram post for each content. So you need to take the help of some strategic design so that it becomes attractive to more people. It will help you get loyal followers and long-term success.

Instagram post template

Anyway, Instagram favors clean and cohesive content. If you used to post once a day, it would show your commitment, but now you can post as many times as you want with the help of a pre-made Instagram post template. You can upload a template by adding it to different posts that make an aesthetically pleasing news feed.

Instagram post template

3 ways to design an Instagram post template

  • The standard image dimension is 1080 * 1080 that you should keep in mind while using the Instagram post template. It will provide optimized and quality content.
  • You should create an album where you can stock your favorite templates to get quick access.
  • The templates should be compatible with Instagram’s theme and style.

3 best app to design custom Instagram post template

Preview app: It is a free application that does not require any software to use. It is the easiest way to create an Instagram template. You can post something with a simple white background or create your template. First, save the template in the camera roll, then upload it to the preview app. Finally, edit the text using the editing tool. You will get several options to change the size, font, and color.

Canva website:  Canva offers both free and paid options that you can use via computer or laptop. You will get countless pre-made templates on this website, but some of them are paid for. So, you can choose the free option. Here, you can use the blank canvas to create an Instagram post using your photos, text, and color.

Creative Market: If you want an extraordinary Instagram post template, you have to go for a paid option. You can purchase a pre-made Instagram template from a creative market application. Based on different Instagram themes, you will get varieties of templates with different colors. Sometimes, you need Adobe Photoshop to open PSD files.

Instagram post template

How to create an Instagram post template

Use Hubspot Instagram template: Do you want Stunning Instagram templates? If you download Hubspot free Instagram post templates you will get templates for both post and story. You can change the image, design, and copy as you wish so that your followers can be much more engaged.

  • Select post format: Everyone posts content in the news feed that we call traditional post. But the power of Instagram stories is not less. Daily Instagram story uploads increase your follower base a lot.
  • Add an image: It doesn’t always make sense to post a long paragraph. Often you can post a simple photograph with a solid color background. You can also put a picture in the background and post some text on it. You do not need to click an image like professionals. A random picture from your mobile gallery is a better option.
  • Design as you wish: Design placeholders are associated with Instagram templates with different text and color options. You can alter, add, or remove any elements that you do not like.
  • Save the photo: after completing all procedures, you can save the image for further use. You can click File>Download>PNG or JPEG.
  • Upload on Instagram: Once the image is saved, you can upload it at any time to share with your followers. Moreover, you can add any filter and hashtags.


Once you enter Instagram, you will see a creative mode in the stories option where you can post without photos or videos. Create mode has many options from which you can choose the Instagram post template of your choice. These will help to post various attractions and attract followers. There is a lot of demand for eye-catching images on Instagram from any social media platform.

Who will see the beautiful posts that you will make using the template? The most important part of social media is followers. The help of a secure website is needed to increase the number of followers in a short time. Let numerous followers enjoy your content, and it will inspire you to grow on a digital platform.