Posting the quotes on Instagram can be pretty challenging. It is important to post quotes instagram without making them look boring or dull. The Instagram quotes should be creative and unique. You do not have to be a designer in order to achieve an exclusive effect. There are some online apps that will help to create Instagram quotes. The major reason to choose online apps is that you do not have to pay any money for them.


You can use this option called Canva that will create social media images. It can also be termed as an effective quote maker. It has got lots of designs for free and you can also use the templates without paying any money. This app is very easy to use. It has got a wide variety of color options, different fonts, and templates too. It will enhance the overall style of all the quotes. You can also edit your quotes and then share them on your Instagram stories. When you will create more quotes in the future, you can use the saved templates too.

post quotes instagram

Adobe spark

This app called Adobe spark will not only post quotes instagram but is also effective in creating graphic designs. It is a multiverse tool that will help you to handle all the marketing activities. You can easily create new quotes with the help of this all. It has got different font styles, colors, etc. The major benefit of using this app is that you can upgrade your plan later. You can create the branded Instagram quotes easily and also get your hands on the premium templates. If you want to have more flexibility, then you will have to upgrade the plan. The logos of this platform can only be removed once.

Word Swag

This app called Word Swag will allow you to create Instagram quotes very easily. Posting quotes on Instagram is very popular to gain huge followers. You can refer post quotes Instagram. This app will inspire you to create many Instagram quotes with text layouts. The text layouts are customized. There are different backgrounds also that you can use along with the images. It provides a pool of images that you can access freely. You can inspire people by positing motivational quotes. If you want additional features then, you will have to invest some amount to add a logo.

post quotes instagram

Quotes Creator

This app called Quotes Creator is another option to create different quotes according to your choice. This tool will work for both IOS and Android devices. It gives a good user experience. It also has various options to change the fonts and backgrounds for the quotes that you create. You can also use the attributions so that you give them the proper credit.

Things to consider while you share quotes on Instagram

Stick to the brand: The brand is the biggest asset. It will define all the post quotes instagram positively. You need to think about the logo you will use. The stories or quotes that you will post should be able to match your brand. So, always try to choose a good quote creator.

Set your objectives clear: You need to set your objectives clear. Make a goal that will boost your Instagram engagement. Create the content strategy in a proper manner. Create motivational quotes so that people can connect to you very easily. It will lead to success.

Keep it simple: You do not have to write complex quotes to reach millions of people. A simple design is enough to motivate the people. Put the main focus on the quote. Try to create a simple design and choose an attractive color. Do not add too much text because that would divert the attention of people.

Add fewer fonts: If you add too many fonts then you will lose all your audience. Try to use the fonts in such a way that it stays consistent with your brand. Try to keep one single font for the logo and the attribution. Mixing too many fonts will confuse the audience.

Choose the right quote: Choosing the right quote is very important. Using the right quote will help to create a community of followers. The followers may have the same interest and get inspiration.