Scheduling your Instagram ahead of posting it can be a very good habit you should incorporate into your routine. If you schedule Instagram post before posting it, you never have to worry about what you should post. Being consistent on Instagram is crucial because if you don’t post regularly, followers may soon lose interest in your page and they may start unfollowing you.

Instagram offers a wide variety of content. Gaining followers takes months and for some, even years but losing them is a matter of seconds. It can be said that losing your followers is a way similar to losing your reputation which takes a long time to be built but a few seconds to be destroyed.

schedule instagram post

Posting content regularly on your page is a great way to attract your followers and make your existing followers stay in your followers list. Whether you are a creator or a consumer, one never runs out of entertaining content on this platform. If you plan your content beforehand, it can be very easy for you to schedule your posts. A common practice among Instagram users is that they tend to be very excited when they initially start out with the platform.

However, as time passes by, they start losing interest in using the platform and their followers start losing interest in their page. Hence, it is very important to ensure that you can remain consistent and post on your page at regular intervals so that you don’t lose followers.

Importance of scheduling posts

It is important to schedule Instagram posts because of various reasons, some of which are as follows.

  • Scheduling your posts will make your page appear well maintained and organized to followers. As a result, they will want to stick to following your page and their attention will remain on your page.
  • If you post content regularly, Instagram will recommend your page to others. Your page will become visible to more users and therefore, you can gain more followers.
  • Sometimes, you may be extremely busy and you may not be able to create posts or you may not have the time to post content that is already ready. Scheduling a psor beforehand will help you to post your content automatically.

Steps to schedule Instagram post

It is no rocket science to schedule Instagram posts since it won’t consume a lot of time. These are the steps you need to follow to schedule a post mentioned below.

  • There are many Instagram post scheduling tools online that allow you to schedule your posts easily. You can choose a reliable tool that will help you to schedule posts. Once you’ve chosen it, you can go ahead and start creating posts you want to schedule. Craft your content, edit it, frame captions to accompany it. Schedule the post at a time of your presence. However, make sure you schedule it at a time when your followers will be active and are likely to engage in the post.
  • Make sure you pick a scheduling tool that is easy to use. If it is complex, you might not be able to get any benefit from it. Hence, make sure that it has an easy-to-use interface. After choosing the tool, link your Instagram account to the tool. Create a post using the tool and upload the content you want to schedule. Craft your content by adding captions, hashtags, and the like to it. Once you are done, you can schedule the post and select the date and time when you want to post it.

These are the only steps you need to follow to schedule Instagram posts and your content will be posted automatically. Make sure you’ve gone through the above steps carefully to ensure that you know how to schedule a post in the correct manner.

schedule instagram post

Instagram can bring many great opportunities your way if you know how to use the platform to your advantage. Make sure that you understand the functioning of the various tools available in the platform and know how to use them effectively. If you can use Instagram effectively and use your best strategies, you will surely reach new heights and your business is sure to witness a lot of growth. Hence, make sure you put your best content forward.