LinkedIn is well known as a social media network that serves primarily professional and entrepreneurial purposes. Around the world, some 562 million users use this outstanding professional platform. It is all about building networks and connections. The big advantage is that it is not only about who you know yourself, but also the contacts of your contacts play an important role.

Especially for companies this is an attractive opportunity for marketing and to make new contacts and expand networks.

Another positive aspect is that LinkedIn is very well established as a career network and is constantly expanding its range of services. For example, the Microsoft company has just integrated a new HR tool called “Talent Insights” and acquired the start-up Glint for around 400 million US dollars. This special software is designed to provide HR managers with valuable insights into employee satisfaction.

Even though many people have used LinkedIn for more personal purposes, the network is still an excellent marketing tool for companies and freelancers.


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What is important in LinkedIn marketing?

What is important in LinkedIn marketing?

Studies have clearly shown that a well-designed and above all complete business site is the cornerstone of marketing success at LinkedIn. On the business site, LinkedIn members can learn more about your business, your brand, your services or any job opportunities your company may have. In addition, corporate sites also provide a great opportunity to build industry expertise.

Although LinkedIn’s corporate sites were initially primarily intended as landing pages for human resources departments, today they also serve to increase brand awareness and inform potential customers about your products and services.

So take enough time and, above all, enter all the information and especially the link to your website, because this way you can generate valuable traffic.

It is also important that you develop a good LinkedIn marketing strategy. Set yourself a concrete goal that you want to work towards. Think about how you can use LinkedIn’s helpful marketing tools to achieve this goal. LinkedIn can support companies in many ways. So what do you expect from your efforts? Do you want to build a social selling network? Establish yourself as a thought leader? Recruit top talent in your field?

Even if you’re new to LinkedIn for business, you should analyze your contacts and followers as thoroughly as you probably do in your other social media channels. Try your luck at casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2021. The target group to be addressed must be clear, because depending on the characteristics of the target group, different strategies may have to be applied. A zero eight fifteen recipe just doesn’t exist anywhere.

And finally, it is important to get as many followers and interactions as possible. Because social proof and algorithm are just as important for LinkedIn as for all other social media platforms.

Get more LinkedIn interactions and followers

No matter how beautifully you’ve created your business site on LinkedIn, this alone does not guarantee that you’ll get many followers quickly.

The first thing you can do is invite all of your employees, friends and acquaintances to follow your LinkedIn site, or at least take a look at it.

buy-real-facebook-commentsIn any case, it is important that your content is a real added value. Because especially at LinkedIn the demands are quite high. This is because LinkedIn is used for career and professional purposes. So if a company publishes inferior content, it will certainly not make a good impression and will be forgotten quickly.

The regular posting of high-quality and above all technical articles or company news is therefore an absolute must and should really be done regularly, preferably once a working day.

Feel free to share blog posts and news from external sources that you think your followers will benefit from. This way you prove that you are up to date and know what is going on in your industry in general, not only in your own company.

This strategy also helps you to get in touch with others. But be careful not to just copy and paste the link, but to write something about it to put it into context.

How the LinkedIn algorithm works

LinkedIn, unlike other social networks, is quite transparent in how its algorithm works. This looks something like this:

First, a bot evaluates the content as spam, low quality or released. Therefore, as already mentioned, quality is the top priority.

Next, the algorithm then measures the interactions, i.e. how many likes the mail receives, whether it is shared or commented on. Of course it is especially unfavorable if many users hide your post in their newsfeed or even mark it as spam. That’s why it is so important that you know your target group well and know what they like. The better you address them, the less you run the risk of ending up in spam or going unnoticed.

The algorithm also checks the credibility of the creator of the post and takes the quality of the profile and the network as a basis for this. Another reason to be really careful when creating the page.


And finally, real editors also look at the content and decide whether it should continue to be displayed or even enhanced.

Also don’t forget that with LinkedIn-Analytics you have a great tool at your fingertips, which allows you to analyze when your mail is particularly engaged, so that you can adjust your publication schedule accordingly.

You can also see which posts have caused a lot of reactions and can therefore check Diene’s content strategy regularly and adjust it if necessary.

However, you will also have to realize that it is not easy to get as many followers as possible and to encourage them to interact with Diene Content Strategy.

After all, LinkedIn is also very popular with most people who are interested in accounts and posts that already have a lot of interaction. A real vicious circle.

However, you can break out of this vicious circle with a clever strategy by considering the purchase of LinkedIn Followers and interactions.

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