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Get a better ranking on LinkedIn now and benefit from more coverage

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Bring your business to the top on LinkedIn

Bring your business to the top on LinkedIn

Initially linkedin was a pure platform to look for new job advertisements and for companies to look for new personnel. Meanwhile it has become a real social media platform, which can represent your company to the outside world and spread your individual message.

Therefore you can generate more sales and new customers, especially in the B2B sector, directly via linkedin.

That's how it works!

With linkedin you can quickly make your business big in the online marketing sector by using the linkedin platform. This platform is especially designed for employees as well as employers to exchange information and find new business partners.

The range

Another advantage of LinkedIn is that you can also use this platform to quickly find Porta or influencers who can support your brand with their social media presence. Therefore you profit from your own profile as well as from those of your supporters and influencers.

Search engine optimization

By linking your company website to LinkedIn, you are telling a perfect backlink for your website and can thus rise significantly in Google SEO. Because the backlinks are essential for your search engine optimization and therefore you should definitely use LinkedIn.

Therefore linkedin

LinkedIn is an emerging social media platform that attracts thousands of new users every day. Many companies and private individuals do not really know how to use the platform for their own profit. From this simple aspect you can use the whole thing for yourself as a profitable advantage. Because if you manage to stand out from your competitors with the simplest marketing methods, your company profile or your private profile will quickly be displayed very high, because your competition does not know how to keep up with that.


It is important to regularly post new information as well as pictures and other things about your company so that you can attract new followers to your profile as well as keep the old followers up to date. That's why you should publish posts on your profile on a regular basis and keep your profile up to date. The best thing to do is to create a real schedule and not to miss any of your postings.

Better be displayed on Google

By linking LinkedIn to your company's website, you create an excellent backlink. Furthermore, more and more users come to your profile and thus to your linked website. You have therefore killed two birds with one stone and thus get directly warm traffic as well as a better placement in the Google search engine results.

Better presence 99%
Reach more connections 91%
Get featured 96%
Become known on Linkedin 90%

The groups on LinkedIn

It's also a great way to join special groups on LinkedIn to get in touch with potential new business partners or prospects. Your profile will also be found more often.


Linkedin is ideal both for individuals to find a new employer as well as for companies who want to promote their brand or the company itself. At the moment it is very easy to grow on this platform, because there is very little competition to other social media platforms.