LinkedIn is a platform used by professionals around the world. If you want to progress your career, having a LinkedIn account is a must. However, many questions Can You Schedule Posts On LinkedIn because sometimes, you may not have the time to use the platform. Fortunately, these days, there are many tools and applications that allow you to get more from the platform. Whether you are seeking a job or are looking to hire someone, LinkedIn is a beneficial platform for all. However, not knowing the right tools and features you need to use can limit you from utilizing the full potential of the platform.

can you schedule posts on linkedin

Apart from social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has become a major platform for all professionals. If you’re not on the platform, you’re surely missing out on a lot of opportunities. There are plenty of users on the platform and if you’re in the business industry or want to have a successful career, this platform can open many doors for you. LinkedIn allows you to post your content in real-time.

This means that you may not have the feature to schedule your post. However, this is not an issue when there are many third-party apps that allow you to schedule your posts and post them at a time of your preference. What’s more, is that you can schedule plenty of posts at the same time.

Importance of scheduling posts

Before asking can you schedule posts on LinkedIn, you should be questioning why you need to schedule your LinkedIn posts. Here are some reasons why scheduling posts is important.

  • Gaining leads on LinkedIn takes a lot of time and thought. LinkedIn is a great place to generate leads but you have to ensure that you post content that can attract people. You have created the perfect post and this perfection occurs when you take out the time and creativity to create innovation.
  • Last-minute posts certainly won’t generate the number of leads you’re desiring for. They will only drain your efforts and you may lose the existing leads you have. Hence, you can take out some when you’re free and create a post that is designed with care and creativity. Once it is done, you can schedule the post and you’re good to go.

Scheduling LinkedIn posts

can you schedule posts on linkedin

Many users question can schedule posts on LinkedIn because they have grown to understand the importance of scheduling posts. No longer does social media thrive on spontaneous and last-minute posts particularly if you are using these platforms for professional purposes? Therefore, you can create attractive posts and schedule them to post later.

  • LinkedIn in itself doesn’t have a scheduling feature. Therefore, you have to use a third-party app to schedule your posts. The good news is that there are many free scheduling apps that work not only for LinkedIn but for various other social media platforms as well. You can use an app of your choice albeit ensuring that the app is safe and reliable. You should be careful while choosing a scheduling tool because sometimes, some tools may be difficult to use and their features may be inaccessible. Make sure you have researched everything about the app prior to using it.
  • Another thing you need to be aware of when scheduling posts is that you should go through the tutorial of the app before using it so that you can have an idea of what it’s going to be like. Using a scheduling tool for the first time can be a little intimidating as you may not know how things are working out. Therefore, it is always clever to have a little knowledge of using the app beforehand.
  • Once you’ve gone through the tutorial, you can go to the app, create your content, and start scheduling the posts for when you want to post them. Make sure you channel your best ideas for the post so that you can generate more leads.

These are the things you have to remember if the question can you schedule posts on LinkedIn concerns you regularly. You can use effective social media tools to grow your LinkedIn influence.

Hence, keep these steps in mind and make sure you create some innovative posts that can make your LinkedIn journey successful. Here is how can you schedule posts on LinkedIn.