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Linkedin is a tool through which many people got their dream job. And in the hope of the best paying job. People also opt for premium membership. But many of them don’t know how much is linkedin premium. Are you also one of them who don’t know how much is linkedin premium? Then you should know so that not only you can avail its services whenever you needed them. But so that you can also check that the premium linkedin is in your budget.


After all when service costs a price, then we have to look at finances that we can afford it or not in the first place. Therefore knowing how much is linkedin premium is worth it. If you still feel how it can be then go through the given article.

Why it is important to have an idea about how much is linkedin premium

how much is linkedin premium

The premium membership doesn’t matter which kind of services you are availing always charge a cost. Therefore it would be a smart approach if you came to know about it earlier. So that in future when you need the service in actual. Then at that moment, you can collect the respective finances for it.

Also if the person knows the charges of the premium services in advance. Then the person can check that the premium services charges are appropriate in comparison to the necessity of the premium services. After all, if you get three and four services from paying the premium charges. Then surely the person can opt for it.

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How much is linkedin premium, knowing it can help the person in the following manner:

When a person feels the need to upgrade to a premium membership, the person does not need to conduct extensive research on the internet.In addition,

  • The client can use the services while keeping the cost in mind. If only one premium membership service is required. It is not a sensible option to purchase it, for example, if the services are not required.
  • Another benefit is the saving, you may feel the wonder that how come knowing how much is linkedin premium can help in savings. But it surely does, after all, keeping in mind the charges the person will immediately cancel premium membership when not required in actual.

Who mostly fin to be asking how much is linkedin premium

Premium membership has several advantages, like the best profile organizer option and the greatest premium-grade search filters for finding the top-paying jobs.

  • There’s also the ability to search for more profiles and much more. However, the question is how much a person can afford. Indeed, linkedin doesn’t charge much.
  • However, if the user is a student, the pricing is important. And a student must save to pay for the Linkedin premium subscription. That’s why knowing how much linkedin premium costs might assist students in making financial strategies.
  • Also, a person who is new to Linkedin is likely to inquire about Linkedin’s premium prices.

How much is linkedin premium if a person doesn’t know then the person can face the following problems?

how much is linkedin premium

The person are bound to face many problem if don’t know much about the charges. Such as:

  • Managing your funds has become a challenge, especially when you have to pay monthly.
  • The slight chances are that the person ends up paying more charges than the actual charges. Especially when the person is unaware of the tax rates levied on their services.
  • Knowing how much is linkedin premium is useful if the user does not require features such as enlarged profile view or premium account functionality. As a result, a person can evaluate whether the costs they are paying are worthwhile or not by comparing them to the pricing offered by Linkedin.
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Now, let’s know how much is linkedin premium:

If a person is looking for a job and has chosen a monthly subscription, LinkedIn will charge approximately INR 1400, plus some taxes. And eventually, including the taxes, the cost reaches a high value. The fee of premium membership on Linkedin is charged monthly. By paying this amount the person can get some additional features to use.

Such as the easy profile view permission, more leads on the new job and job application. Premium users also get free InMails and the honor of being a featured candidate.

Now you came to know how much is linkedin premium. Now you are in a position to choose premium membership keeping in mind its price and services.