How to add certification to Linkedin? Well, this is a question that comes to every jobseeker on LinkedIn. We have got the answer to it.

A person can add certificates to his LinkedIn account as it may help people to check the person’s profile and reach out to him wisely. Having certificates in your LinkedIn account can automatically increase the weight of your profile and will help the person how much you are knowledgeable and passionate about work. This may help the person to get more job opportunities.

There is no reason for you to not maintain your LinkedIn account because this platform offers unlimited business opportunities that must be missed.

How to add certification to Linkedin?

If someone is using LinkedIn to enhance your career further and search for new opportunities in the job sector, you will want your LinkedIn profile to be apart from the others in that industry by including the certifications that you have gained. In this context, you need to know how to add certification to LinkedIn

how to add certification to LinkedIn

Certifications are those licenses and programs that you have completed and gained added skills and knowledge in the selected field and the more you have, the more desirable your profile appears to be, the more connections you will receive.

The certifications can be added when one amongst the partners using LinkedIn can share it via email link to the partners.

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After adding, the certifications will show up under the section called Licenses and Certifications in your profile and you can edit them when you want.

Thus uploading the certificates is a great way to show your skills and talents and which can be great for your future career.

One can reach various people for job purposes and your profile will itself look like a resume if you upload the certifications you have achieved in your career.

Here let us discuss a few advantages of how this certification can help your LinkedIn account to increase people. They are as follows:-

  • The quality of the interview increases

The client’s interview to check the person how much he is eligible for the respected job.

The clients need to take interviews with many people and it is not necessary to check every resume carefully so if one adds a few certificates to their LinkedIn profile this may attract the client.

  • Shows a set of competencies

Sometimes few applicants do not articulate themselves what they can do for the company.

Thus if you add your skills and certificates then the interview can go correctly and it can also help the client to understand your skills by seeing the certificates.

  • It also tries to show the character

If one adds his skills, courses, and certificates what he has achieved in his career that may increase intellectual curiosity and maturity and a strong mindset to explore more.

But the clients may test you to see how much you are interested in and whether you want to learn new things.

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Thus while adding certificates to your LinkedIn account can be a benefit so that the person can learn about your knowledge and confidence towards work.

Adding the certificates will automatically increase the connections and people try to reach you by seeing the LinkedIn profile.

The certificates will be highlighted with the skills and talents this may impress the people and they can think that how much you are passionate and confident towards work.

how to add certification to LinkedIn

So, if you want to know how to add certification to LinkedIn, you just need to follow a few steps. These are the steps that must be followed:

  • Sign in to your LinkedIn account and visit the profile.
  • On the right side, you will find an add profile option in the drop-down menu, select background, and then choose the drop-down options besides the Certifications and licenses.
  • In the name section, input the name of the program or course.
  • In the Issuing Organization, type the certificate name.
  • Choose the checkbox and the certification doesn’t expire.
  • The Credential ID field must be left empty.
  • Under certification URL, type the certificate URL.

 This is all one should know about how to add certification on LinkedIn and you can follow the steps mentioned above to do the same.

There are a lot of unrevealed benefits of adding certification to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a very renowned platform that is mainly used by professionals to get connected to other professionals which can help you in enhancing your career.