In this article, we are going to discuss how to add interests on LinkedIn. Interests are activities that you are enthusiastic enough to carry and would do energetically. The same applies to when you add them to your profile anywhere. The best place where putting up your interest can prove much more beneficial to you than you can even think of is LinkedIn. But for that, you need to know how to add interests in LinkedIn.

How to add interests on LinkedIn

Your interest tells a lot about your personality. Whenever some recruiter would come across it, that is the only means that he would refer to when he wants to connect to you on a personal level. You won’t start chatting with him all of a sudden. You need to show your interest to let him know you better. What if I keep my resume blank with no interests added? That way the first impression would probably be good for nothing lad. So it’s very important to know how to add interests on linkedin and how much to add all of them.

how to add interests on linkedin

A small example to assist you to understand better

For example, there’s a job vacancy and a recruiter is very specific about whom he’s gonna hire. He would have made a pre-planned list of which kind of interests he’s searching for. So when you have more skills than someone but you don’t get selected it’s probably because he has added a lot of his interests that match the recruiter’s interest as well. If you align your interest in a well-organised manner, the recruiter would get inclined and would love to know more about you.

Adding interests on linkedin

Before the process for adding interest on linkedin was to go to your profile and you would be provided with a section that mentions additional information. One can add any kind of information to that field. That field used to be basically for the addition of one interest. Since now linkedin has updated itself a bit, a lot of steps have changed when it comes to the addition of interests.

The addition of interest on linkedin is no more what are your interests. It has made a huge change keeping in mind the professional field. You can now add the organisation you are interested in. Therefore, to know how to add interests in linkedin after the above-mentioned updates, keep reading.

The steps you need to follow

Certain steps have been modified by linkedin if you want to add your interests in particular fields. The steps that you need to follow are:

  • First and foremost you need to have a linkedin account. If you have one, you have to log in and follow people and organisations that you adore.
  • You can use the search box and type the company or institution you are eager to work with.
  • You then need to go to the page of the organisation that you want to add to your interests.

There’s no other alternative to add interest to your account. You are bound to follow the mentioned steps to complete your interests. You cannot directly enter your interests in your profile as there is no additional sign in your profile if you see it with attention.

Why do you need to add organisations in your interest?

A lot of people would get confused by the idea of adding the name of the organisation or company you are interested in. The main question would be how can a company interest? The answer to this is it can be. This is because a particular company is known for a particular kind of work done by it.

When you select the same company, you show your interest in a particular kind of work. Similarly, when a recruiter from the same company visits your profile, he would most probably select you over others. This is because when you are passionate about working with a particular company if you get selected in the same company, you will be energetic enough to complete your work on time.

You can also view the interests of other people

You are allowed to visit the interests of other people as well. Simply open your linkedin profile and then search for the person you want to view interests of. You will then have to scroll until and unless you find the interests of the person. The interest would be located in a confined section. As such you can find people with common interests.

how to add interests on linkedin


Since you now know how to add interests in linkedin, be particular about what you add. Try to look professional when you do this. And try to add companies in a specialised manner. Try to group up your interest section and provide it in the best manner you can. Here is how to add interests on LinkedIn.