Are you using the right tools but not getting what you are expecting? Is your business lagging? Are you unable to reach up to your target audiences? If you are facing these issues, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we have talked about how to advertise on LinkedIn the right way. By strategizing your advertisement in the right way, you can expand your business and earn an increasing number of followers regularly.

 Without delaying any further, let’s go through the various ways in which you can advertise the right way on LinkedIn.

  1. Choose Self-Service or Managed Campaigns

LinkedIn is an all-in-one advertising platform. That makes it easier for people to get started with their self-service campaigns by using text ads and sponsored content. For doing this, the campaign manager section would be useful. Use it to run campaigns, configure ads and track your progress.

For better results and a more strategic approach, use LinkedIn’s account-managed advertising. When you use this service, you can work with a special team of LinkedIn experts, who would assist you in every stage of progress, starting from targeting and continuing to optimization.

  1. Get Started with Campaign Manager

Campaign manager provides you with everything you need for advertising on LinkedIn. It’s the hub of all LinkedIn advertising activities. Here, you would get detailed results of how your strategies are performing, including the number of people who have clicked on your ads and the engagement rate, and many more details. Using this service tool by LinkedIn is worth your time.

  1. Choose Your Ad Format

Now you have to select the kind of ad you are interested in making. You can choose either text ads or sponsored content. You can also choose both.

If you are using sponsored content, a good way to get started with it is by updating the best-performing news on your company’s page. Those updates have already reached your target audience because of your existing followers. So, they are likely to reach further people too.

Text ads are effective. They are usually displayed on the top, bottom, or at the sides of a person’s feed on LinkedIn. Keep your text ad precise and compelling and it’s better to use dynamic visuals for best results.

how to advertise on LinkedIn

  1. Create Your Ads

If you have chosen sponsored content as your advertising strategy, it’s better to create different versions of your sponsored content and see which of them are fetching good results for you.

For text ads, you can highlight a link that will open if anyone clicks. Then add a headline, image, and a brief description. LinkedIn allows trying out 15 variations of a text ad at one time.

  1. Target Your Ads

If you want to know how to advertise on LinkedIn, you must know how to target your advertisements. You have to select your preferences. Based on that, the campaign manager service will display your estimated target audience size. Make sure your target audience is broad enough to reach out to large communities of people.

Maximizing your exposure is extremely important to earn sufficient customers for your business. However, don’t forget about relevancy. Try to target your advertisements to relevant customers.

There’s an audience expansion feature. You must enable it to allow LinkedIn’s algorithm to find similar audiences and make your advertisement available to them. It’s an effective way to find potential target customers on LinkedIn.

  1. Follow a strict budget 

You can select a particular budget for different marketing strategies like cost per click and cost per permission. When you use CPC, your click affects the conversion rate of your advertisements directly. At times, when you have to increase brand awareness, you must use CPM.

how to advertise on LinkedIn

The campaign manager again is very useful in this case. It will show you different bid ranges for displaying your advertisements. People are usually advised to go by the maximum bid on that range.


  1. Measure and Optimize

There’s the possibility to optimise your advertisements on LinkedIn. You can do that by utilizing LinkedIn’s auction system. It rewards you with advertisement which already has higher engagement rates. Therefore, it’s important to keep reviewing your updates and results on LinkedIn. Stop low-performing SDS and promote the high-performing ones more.

These are some useful tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn the right way. We hope this post is useful and informative. The next time, you find it difficult to reach out to your target audiences; you can try out these tips and get evident results.