If you want to change your job then learn how to announce that on LinkedIn in this article. If you have been using LinkedIn for a long time, by now you know that people can post, comment, share and engage in LinkedIn in various other ways. Employers can post for job vacancies on LinkedIn and employees can announce their new jobs on this platform. If you don’t know how to announce your new job on LinkedIn, you can come to the right place. To create a professional, formal announcement, follow what’s mentioned below.

how to announce your new job on LinkedIn


Changing job? How to Announce that on LinkedIn?

Make an attractive resume and post it on your LinkedIn profile. Now, if you are hunting for fresh jobs, you can visit different portals and apply for different jobs that best suit your needs. To increase the engagement rate of your profile, you must post updates continually.

In your resume, mention whatever skills you possess. Mention relevant extracurricular activities that might give you an edge in the job position you are seeking.

Changing jobs and getting placed at your dream job position is an overwhelming experience. People love to work for the new position they have just achieve. It’s a series of new journeys, moments, in a new environment. You will be getting a new team to work with. That’s extremely important to be shared with your family and friends.

Apart from letting your friends and family know that you have got your dream job, you must post it on LinkedIn so that it remains in your timeline forever. It’s an important milestone in your life and you must announce your new job the right way.

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If you are wondering how you would do that, refer to the steps mentioned below:

  • Update your LinkedIn profile.
  • Pay respect and acknowledgment to your colleagues, boss, and managers.
  • Leave a note of gratitude for them.
  • Write about your new job on your profile.
  • Express your feelings

By following these steps, you can announce your new job professionally on LinkedIn. However, we recommend not announce before you finally get the appointment letter.

how to announce your new job on LinkedIn

Before posting, let your boss know that you are resigning from your job. Thank him for all that you have learned throughout our journey. Next, convey the news to your colleagues and managers. Be thankful to them for your support. Also, tell them that you would be in touch with them. Show that you are grateful to them for their immense support and cooperation.

By doing these, you can set the right image that you are leaving on good terms with everyone. Creating the right image for yourself is very important for your professional career. Put up a good reflection of your personality in front of your seniors.

Now, when you are posting about your new job on LinkedIn, your description must be insightful. It must contain the role that you played in your previous company and how grateful you are to that organization. Next, you can show how excited you are and express your feelings about the new job position you are holding. You can discuss some plans you have thought about for yourself.

Tips to remember while posting about your new job on LinkedIn 

Here are a few things you must remember while announcing your new job on LinkedIn:

  • Show reverence and gratitude: talk about what you will miss the most about your former company. It will make your readers feel connected to you. Express your feelings genuinely.
  • Keep it positive: never be negative on any public platform. If you aren’t comfortable showing reverence and gratitude to your former boss, leave it short. Keep it neutral. Don’t point out anything negative.
  • Include timing: if you have a few days left before joining the new company, mention that. This would help to create suspense among readers. It would also ensure that people come and check your profile for further updates.
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These are some important tips on how to announce your new job on LinkedIn. Follow them and you are likely to create a good impression among your followers. You can contact professional companies too, to create a LinkedIn profile for yourself. You can consider buying followers and likes too. If you are thinking to change the job, then here is How to Announce that on LinkedIn.