In this article, we are going to discuss how to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn. The benefits of a strong LinkedIn profile are known to everyone these days. It can attract the right kind of people to your profile besides helping you in hiring and recruiting. It also allows you to develop a strong, efficient network and it is a convenient way of showcasing your skill set, passions, and work.

It is the best place for you to show off all your qualities. You should also know that LinkedIn recommendations can be an extraordinarily plus point for people who might have a chance of hiring you.

How to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn

How to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn is a commonly asked question by professionals and this post has got you covered about everything you should know about asking for recommendations on LinkedIn.

 Who to Ask?

The LinkedIn recommendation is evidence of your professional worth which is written by your connections. One will want to get recommendations that are legitimate and powerful.

  • Get connected with clients, managers, colleagues, or similar contacts
  • Make a request to her or him, which includes some achievements of which you are proud

The most effective way by which one can get recommendations on LinkedIn is by giving. When someone gives a LinkedIn recommendation, you are giving an attestation to their accomplishments and everyone loves to be recommended by someone. There are chances that they will reciprocate back if they find you suitable.

The basic step towards this is searching LinkedIn for the staff appointed at the firm you work for and all other professional people who are LinkedIn members. You also shouldn’t overlook the colleagues employed with different professional organizations which whom one may get collaborate. You can take help of freelance jobs, volunteer work, and non-employee working experience.

Then, you can write a recommendation for the contacts that are in a position to recommend you. Performing this action will also help to feel a bit of obligation due to which they can reciprocate back. After completing the recommendation, you should inform them of the reason why you have written for them to specify another point that can emphasize the positive aspects so they might recommend you.

How to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn 

Ask directly How to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn

You can also ask for a recommendation directly to know how to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn.It is very easy to ask for a recommendation through the messaging system of LinkedIn. When requesting a recommendation, you can ask the user to give you a recommendation if possible. This way they can also find a way out if they are not interested to give you references and can be precluded from the policies of the company from providing references or they don’t feel to be familiar enough to recommend you.

It can also be useful to include a request and a reminder of the experience you have shared which can serve as a reason why they have recommended you. You can also manage your recommendations by asking your clients, managers, colleagues, employees, and other people who can give your recommendation. On receiving a recommendation, you will receive a notification through email and you can also view the recommendation and get a revision if required.

You need not publish your profile if you don’t want a recommendation. You can also select the recommendations that must show up by visiting your profile, scroll down and see the recommendations and click on the pencil option for editing. By this, you can see all the recommendations enlisted with another option of shown or not to be shown.

Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile can support all elements of digital branding and authority. They confirm what you have to say regarding yourself on the profile. A major part of your profile is going to be your voice stating that you are and other details about yourself. Recommendations provide you an opportunity by which others can show their reinforcement and claims. A bonus is a recommendation showing up on the profile of the member who ensured the recommendations.

This is everything to be known about how to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn and you can apply the information discussed above. Asking for recommendations is an important part of a LinkedIn profile and there are many other ways by which you can do that.