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Linkedin is not just an app it’s the medium of getting a suitable job. Let;s chech here how to cancel premium linkedin? After all, what is more, important to a job seeker than the job-providing app? That’s the reason some people go for Premium membership of Linkedin. But what if you get a suitable job and don’t need a premium membership anymore.


Well if you learn how to cancel premium linkedin. Then only you can do it. Otherwise, like those fellows who don’t have experience of how to cancel premium linkedin. You will keep paying premium charges without the necessity. The not-required premium charges of  Linkedin are something. That makes it a compulsion to get the knowledge of how to cancel premium linkedin. If you don’t know, read this article; it’ll explain everything.

Why it is necessary to be familiar how to cancel premium linkedin

how to cancel premium linkedin

We all know that the premium services charge an expense and who won’t to pay them, especially when we do need not the services anymore. The LinkedIn is known for its facility to provide the best paying jobs to millions of the user. But when the person finally gets the job that the person requires. Then for that time being, the person needs to get fulfilled and, the premium membership is not required anymore.

That’s the reason knowing how to cancel premium linkedin is significant. Otherwise, the person will end up paying the price of the services at LinkedIn. That is not required of them anymore. After all, premium services are used to acquire quick updates and work tracking when the need has already been met. So, what is the purpose of services, particularly those that are paid?

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Who needs to know how to cancel premium linkedin

The premium membership can be canceled by anyone who has already received a high-paying job. Or who has not decided to change jobs?

  • Also, anyone who is considering continuing their studies but is no longer in the mood to do so can terminate their membership.
  • Those people who have switched to the business, and don’t require jobs anymore.
  • Those small or big entrepreneurs do not require the linkedin premium membership. So they are quite beneficial and need to be learned how to cancel premium linkedin.

What are the benefits of knowing how to cancel premium linkedin

The first benefit is the saving as premium membership of Linkedin demands a cost. If a person knows how to cancel premium linkedin. As when you are availing of the services, then what’s the point of wasting money on it? And when there is a facility to rejoin the premium membership again. Then surely canceling the premium membership is the best move.

What comes if a person doesn’t get the idea about how to cancel premium linkedin

how to cancel premium linkedin

The person has to face many problems such as the:

  • Loss of the savings, because the person needs to pay every month the charges of the premium. The disturbance also a person have to face. So because premium membership keeps track of new records or job possibilities, it is always up to date. As a result,
  • your phone may likely continue to ring with the job alert notification. Receiving such a notice when you are already employed is inconvenient.
  • The other disadvantage is sharing your resume with prospective job providers who don’t came to know that you aren’t interested in the job. That means it’s not only your loss but also the person who will check the profile. Because eventually, the person is losing the energy and time on checking the profile of the person who is not interested in the job in the first place.
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 In such a scenario, if the person already knows how to cancel the premium membership. Not only will his valuable time and money be saved, but so will the time and money of another individual who spends time seeking valuable employees.

How to cancel premium linkedin effectively:

  • Enter Linkedin.com into the website. The official Linkedin webpage will then appear on your screen.
  • Select “Me” at the top of the screen, then “Browse My Premium” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then choose the premium options.
  • Select the Cancel subscription option from the settings menu.
  • On the Premium account area, there is a cancel option.
  • Simply go for the “cancel premium” and avail the services.
  • Then a continue option will appear on your screen. Click on it and stop worrying about how to cancel premium.

Now when you came to realise how to get rid of the premium membership, what are you waiting for. Try right away to cancel the premium membership of LinkedIn.