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The business-based social networking platform provides different aspects for appropriate customization. Doing so can improve your profile’s appearance and its impact. Banner on LinkedIn is a sort of header used by various people. Read to know more about how to change LinkedIn banner and creating an effective one.


LinkedIn Banners

As mentioned above, a banner is like a header to your LinkedIn profile. Naturally, it is often the first thing noticed by everyone visiting your profile. So, focusing on how to change LinkedIn banner is essential to match the relevance. The process is as easy as uploading an image on social networking platforms. However, you need to consider the following regulations set by LinkedIn for banner change.

how to change LinkedIn banner

Specifications Required

The following are the specification required for LinkedIn to accept your banner. Have a look-

  • File Format– since it is an image, LinkedIn allows only imaging formats of .jpeg and .png for your images.
  • File Size– your banner file size shouldn’t cross 8 MB size. Any image within this limit is always accepted on LinkedIn.
  • File Resolution– the image resolution is also important to display your banner effectively. Usually, 1584 x 396 pixels (w x h) is recommended for effective portrayal.

If your image is highly pixelated or blurry, use a compression tool to bring the specifications accordingly. However, if your image is blurry, try picking an image with better quality and larger file size, but less than 8 MB.

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You can add, change, delete, reposition, or live stream on your LinkedIn banner. Let’s see how to change LinkedIn banner easily.

Creating the banner

Most people often use online images as their LinkedIn banners. But that wouldn’t create the right impact you are looking for. Many other LinkedIn users may use the same, and there is no difference then. So, if you want to try unique banners, you can put in all your creativity and make some!

Several online platforms let people create their customized banners for LinkedIn. Most of them are for free and work according to LinkedIn’s pre-requisites. You can create your banner by using any such application. The customizations are plenty, and the final result is often intriguing.

Changing the banner

Changing the banner on LinkedIn is nothing but uploading a new image into your profile’s header. Pick an appropriate image beforehand and save it in an easily accessible location. Follow these steps to change the banner on LinkedIn once everything is set.

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn profile if not already logged in.
  2. Head to the LinkedIn homepage and click on your profile icon or your name.
  3. You’ll find a pencil icon adjacent to the Add Profile Section.
  4. LinkedIn now presents a pop-up window where you can find another pencil icon.

When you hover your cursor over this icon, you can see a recommendation from LinkedIn related to the image pixels. Ensure that your banner falls within every specification set by LinkedIn.

  1. Click on the pencil icon again, and the LinkedIn window prompts you to pick your banner.
  2. You can select the banner and adjust its alignment as per your preference.
  3. Once you complete adjusting the banner settings, you can click on the Save option on the LinkedIn window.
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Your banner photo is now changed and appears before you in the exact settings you chose. You can crosscheck the image’s appearance as soon as you see the banner after these changes.

how to change LinkedIn banner

Your banner usually represents your profile pictorially. So, ensure that it is relevant to your services. Moreover, it is best to avoid the following mistakes while changing your LinkedIn banner.

  • It is best to adjust your image alignment as per LinkedIn’s specifications. Trying to crop the image while changing it can shave off necessary information or the image’s appeal.
  • Don’t try writing so much on your banner. There are posts, messages, and articles, for that matter, remember? So, play around with intriguing images to grab the eye.
  • Try choosing a clean and nice picture reflecting your work instead of texts. Your banner can either be for HR purposes or marketing. Keep that in mind and choose based on relevance.

You can observe others’ banners on LinkedIn to figure out the appropriate one in case you find it hard to pick the right one. Not that you’ll blindly copy their images. But you can have some ideas to pick your LinkedIn banner. Here is how to change LinkedIn banner.