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We often come across various people claiming to master various skills. LinkedIn, being a professional platform, is a common place for showcasing various skills among your followers. You come across such things on your network time and again. How to endorse on LinkedIn?


Skill Endorsement on LinkedIn: 

how to endorse on LinkedIn

As mentioned above, we often find various people adding relevant skills to their LinkedIn handles. But recruiters might ignore such skills owing to baseless claims. You might be among the genuine set who are skilled. However, you might end up being ignored if there are no endorsements. What is an endorsement, and how to endorse on LinkedIn? Let’s understand these in detail.

What is Skill Endorsement and how to endorse on LinkedIn ? 

Skill endorsement on LinkedIn is an acknowledgment of your professional experience and aptitude. Anyone part of your network can endorse the skills posted on your profile. Every endorsement on your profile improves your reach and makes your profile discoverable. So, here is how to endorse on LinkedIn.

Steps to endorse on LinkedIn: 

how to endorse on LinkedIn

Like we said earlier, you can help your friend by endorsing their skills. Similarly, you can request them to endorse your skills by doing so. It is a mutual benefit for both. Follow these steps to endorse the skills of anyone on your LinkedIn network.

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn profile from a mobile application or the web version.
  2. Go to the My Network section and head to the Connections part.
  3. Here, you’ll find the profiles of everyone connected to your LinkedIn profile. Choose the person whom you want to endorse.
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You can either search the profile from your connections list or simply search their name using the Search bar as per your convenience.

  1. You will now see their LinkedIn profile. You can go to the Skills and Endorsements section by scrolling down.
  2. Here, you can find the list of all the skills added by your friend. Choose the skill you want to endorse and click on the plus symbol against it.

You need to select the level of endorsement for a specific skill. As in, you have to choose among very good, good, and highly skilled options provided by LinkedIn.

  1. You are then asked about your relationship with the person you are endorsing on LinkedIn. There is a drop-down menu to pick the appropriate connection between both.
  2. You can choose to select a relation or leave it and click on the Submit option.

LinkedIn now shows a checkmark against the skill you’ve endorsed. It is an indication that you completed endorsing your connection. However, this is not the end. Endorsements don’t just appear like these on the profile. The person receiving the skill endorsements is required to acknowledge the same for it to appear on your profile. Here is how to complete the process.

Accepting an Endorsement: 

As mentioned above, you’ll need to accept the endorsement made by your connection. The process is as follows:

  1. LinkedIn sends a notification to the person receiving an acknowledgment from their connection. The notification is usually through the LinkedIn profile and an email if opted.
  2. Just open the notification and follow the instructions prompt to complete the endorsement process.
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It so happens that you might receive skill endorsements for those whom you would rather not have recommending your skills. Some endorsements can create a misrepresentation too. In such cases, you can choose to turn off the LinkedIn endorsements for your profile for as long as you feel like it. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn handle and head to your profile page.
  2. You’ll need to proceed to the Skill and Endorsements section again but, on your page now.
  3. There will be a pencil icon here. Click on it and select the Adjust Endorsements Settings option.
  4. The toggle options show ‘I want to be endorsed’ or ‘No.’ Select the latter to disable people from endorsing you. The former helps enable endorsements in case you change your mind.

That is how you can endorse, receive endorsements, and adjust its settings as per your preference. One thing to remember here is that recommendations and endorsements are not the same. The former is more like a written description acknowledging your skills. Their working is entirely different too. People who are the first connections on LinkedIn can only endorse your skills. Here is how to endorse on LinkedIn.