LinkedIn is a global platform that’s providing job opportunities to millions of people. Some companies are looking forward to fresh recruits. LinkedIn is enabling such clients to get what they are looking for. If you are on LinkedIn hoping to get new clients, your profile must indicate the same. So, how to let recruiters know that you’re open on LinkedIn? Continue reading below to know more.

Showing You’re Open to Work on LinkedIn

how to let recruiters know that you're open on LinkedIn

Follow the following steps if you want to let recruiters know that you are accepting job offers:

  • Right-click on the profile image.
  • Visit add profile section.
  • Select intro and then go to looking for job opportunities.
  • Next, you have to enter every detail. If you are looking for the best job offers, we recommend filling every section.

Besides letting recruiters know that you are open to accepting orders, you must also provide them with other details like job location, job title, open to remote work, etc. Fill in every section as required. 

  • Job Titles

Under the job titles section, you can enter the fields, areas, and positions where you are willing to work. The moment you start filing that bar, LinkedIn will give you a list of similar options. Click on that one that best suits your requirements. 

  • Job Locations

It’s evident that here you have to enter the area where you are willing to work. LinkedIn will check your current location and set it as the answer. However, you can change it anytime and add any other location. Remember that you can add up to 5 maximum locations. 

  • Open to Remote?
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Here, you simply have to tick a box if you are open to remote work. If you are intending to work remotely and looking forward to it, just click on that box. 

  • Start Date

You can select a suitable date from which you are available to work. 

  • Job Types

Job types refer to what kind of jobs do you want. It can be part-time or contract or full-time. You can also look for internships and temporary employment. 

Turn On Your Notice to Recruiters

how to let recruiters know that you're open on LinkedIn

The next thing you have to do is turn on your signals. After you have completed updating all the required information, this is the second important step. 

  • On the toolbar, click on jobs. 
  • A window will open on your screen. Now click on preferences, at the top of the page. 
  • Next, another window will open and you will see a slide button. 
  • If you tap on that button, it will move to the on position, indicating that now your profile is visible to recruiters. 

Limitation of the feature and a way around it 

What needs to be told in this regard is that this feature isn’t visible to all. Only people to pay to use LinkedIn can see that you are open to job offers. This means that your signal wouldn’t be received by small companies or independent clients who don’t use the premium version. LinkedIn recruiter demands quite high subscription charges and everyone can’t subscribe to it. 

How would you solve it? Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the right side of your profile. 
  • There, you will see a heading saying “edit public profile and URL”. 
  • Click on that. 
  • Scroll down and you will get the “your profile’s public visibility” section. 
  • Select public from here and then switch all the sections mentioned below to “show”. 
  • By doing this, your signal will be visible to all on users’ LinkedIn. 
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We have listed the steps regarding how to let recruiters know you’re open on LinkedIn.

Once a recruiter receives your signal and approaches you with an offer, you will have one chance to impress him/ her. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is current and updated. It should reflect what you are. Make sure your information is enough to catch anyone’s attention. The picture must also be engaging, smiling, and a recent one. 

The background must also be appropriate. The experience section is meant to state your previous experiences. Don’t copy-paste your resume blatantly. List the skills you possess. Most recruiters scan through this section to understand if at all the person is appropriate for the job he has to offer. Lastly, check whether your contact info is correct. Give proper email id and mobile number.