LinkedIn is one of the topmost platforms that provide incredible features to all the users spread across the world. If you are using LinkedIn for a long time but still do not know how to make good LinkedIn profile then, do not worry! The post below will provide all the relevant information to help you create the best and the strongest LinkedIn profile. Continue reading the post further to know all about LinkedIn to impress the employers available on the platform.

how to make good LinkedIn profile

The post below will not just shed some light on how you can make your profile look more attractive but will also introduce few points that should be strictly avoided to avoid creating a bad impression. So, keep following the post till the end to grab as much information as you can.

How to make a strong LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn as mentioned above is one of the best platforms offering an amazing set of services to attract both employers and employees. If your query is how to make good LinkedIn profile then, we have got you covered. The section below will be providing some tips to make your profile the most attractive profile on LinkedIn. A few of the points that should be noted have been mentioned below for your reference.

  • Professional photo with formal background: To begin with, adding a decent profile photo is always the most attention-grabbing element. If your profile photo is more professionalized with a plain background then, it appears to the employer that you are quite matured and smart in your professional life.
  • Add skills and achievements: In addition, you are required to add all your skills and achievements on your LinkedIn account to let others know about your achievements. Whatever you achieve will have no meaning if it remains unknown to others.
  • Show all your work: Similar to your skills and achievements, you should also add other work of yours such as research work, internships, volunteering, or any other projects. This will show how active you are in your professional life.
  • Add CV to your account: Furthermore, you can always add your CV to your LinkedIn account. This will give a ride through your professional journey to all the employers looking for candidates for different open positions that they have in their organizations.

This was all about how to make a good LinkedIn profile. If you are interested to know what you should avoid to prevent the situation of a bad impression then, keep on reading.

how to make good LinkedIn profile

Things to be avoided while making a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms that were founded in 2002. Well, everyone tells you what you should keep doing. But, the most important part that everyone wants to hear is what should be avoided. To know how to make good LinkedIn profile, you know what you should be avoiding. To answer your query the section below will be listening out a few of the things that should be completely avoided to create a strong LinkedIn account.

  • Never use a casual or a personal photo of yours with a casual background.
  • Your statuses should never be negative, provoking, or of hatred.
  • Do not keep your profile on LinkedIn incomplete.
  • Never use a casual sentence, hence pay more focus on your heading.
  • Too low connection on LinkedIn marks your profile to be too weak so increase your network.
  • Never leave to mention any company that you have worked with or completed your internship from.
  • Visiting the platform once in weeks or months. Try visiting the platforms daily so to get updates about your connections.

These were a few of the tips that you can follow to make your profile the strongest and henceforth expand your network by connecting with as many connections as possible. Well, you should also know that connecting with anyone and everyone will not help you reach your goal. You have to know whom to follow and how that might be beneficial.

LinkedIn is a professional platform that helps you to connect with people you otherwise cannot connect with. These people are from all over the globe and from different sectors and companies.

Interestingly, you will be able to enhance your knowledge as well as your scope to get the most desired job. So, now you tell what possibly could be the reason to not have an account on LinkedIn?