Let us discuss how to message a recruiter on linkedIn. Your language should mold according to the situation. You can be casually communicating sometimes but at some places, you may need to communicate professionally. That all matters with whom you are communicating. For example, if you are communicating with your followers, you are going to use casual language.

A lot of people may be good at communicating verbally but not good enough when it comes to aligning their texts. Similarly, when you need to connect to your recruiter you need to sound very professional to him in your message.  This also leads to thinking about How to Message a Recruiter on Linkedin. This article will help you out with everything you are still in doubt about.

Introduction to the topic

Since you are connecting to your recruiter for the job purpose, even a slight mistake can take your biggest opportunity away from you. Now this means your language. How you sound determines a lot about you. You should avoid using short forms and chat languages. As said before, you should always sound professional. Don’t forget when you are trying to know how to message a recruiter on linkedin,  it’s the fact on a professional level. Remember that the words you use or the language you write always sets a first impression on the recruiter.

how to message a recruiter on linkedin

How to Message a Recruiter on Linkedin and start approaching the recruiter?

Even before you get to know How to Message a Recruiter on Linkedin, you must know the important tips to enhance your strategy. Follow these simple tips mentioned below, as they play the same role as your message does. Pay attention to the mentioned points to create a good impact.

Begin with your profile.

  1. Give your profile a better alignment. This means trying to organize the piece of information that you include in your profile. Try to give a good profile picture. Add a good headline and summary to your profile as well. Try to add some talents if you can.
  2. Try to add the work experience you have. Make your profile look in a way that gives an enthusiastic and energetic vibe. Make an effort of adding all your certificates or LOR if any.
  3. Don’t overuse any particular word. Also, add the links to various pieces of your writing if you have any. Memorize that no recruiter has so much time to go through all your posts. It’s better to include them in the profile itself.

Find recruiters

There are various recruiters out who are in search of hiring someone. Check them out. Sometimes, when they end up liking your profile they may tend to give you job offers. It may happen that they don’t have a vacancy in their company, but if they are aware of job opportunities in other companies, they will let you know. So you see, you are never at a loss after being in contact with them.

how to message a recruiter on linkedin

Come the to the topic of approaching the recruiters

In case you have a premium plan on your LinkedIn account, you can easily send an inmail to people who do not fall under your direct contact list. If you don’t have any premium plans and have a free account, don’t worry. You can still contact your recruiter. You can easily connect to them by sending a message.

You have to find out the connect button on their page and click on the same. If you don’t see a connect button, look out for a follow button. In the same follow button, go for more and then click connect. You can also lookout for the common interest between you and your recruiter. When writing a message you can include the same. This gives a feeling to him that you have done through his page thoroughly.

What to write in the message sent to the recruiter?

Here are the points on How to Message a Recruiter on Linkedin you need to include in your message. The way they are arranged in the same way you will arrange the points in your message.

  • Start with thanking them. Try to be polite in the beginning by thanking them.
  • Now include your intentions of messaging the recruiter. For instance, he has a job opening in his company and you want to apply for the same.
  • After that, start stating why the recruiter should choose you over others. In short, start including your skills and why you are fit for the job. Also, try to include your work experience and interests.
  • At last, attach a resume for a better understanding of your profile.