To know about how to network on linkedin is not as tough or compass as you think it to be. To network on linkedin, is one of the main features of the linkedin platform. The freshers may find it a bit confusing but it’s all easy when you get to the procedure of how to network on linkedin.

There are also a lot of dos and don’t once you start networking features on linkedin. But if you once learnt how to control it all, it can bring you up with a variety of opportunities. This feature will prove beneficial to you if you are looking out for a job or want to start something of your own. So let’s get started!

Introduction to the networking feature

how to network on linkedin

Networking majorly talks about the connection request that you put out from your side. LinkedIn has almost 200 million users and is growing. You can connect with anyone regardless of whether you know him or not. You just need to put out a network request to connect to the particular person.

It’s one of the best strategies to grow your connection with the industries you want to. If you want to connect to any recruiter for the job, you can do it. If you are the recruiter and want to hire somebody for the job, you just need to know how to network on linkedin and that’s how your all procedure becomes simplest.

Importance of networking on your career

You now no longer need to wait for a local networking event to connect to your recruiter or your hired worker.

With the best sites like linkedin, you can connect to anyone at your convenience. You can connect to anyone for official reasons through your PC or mobile phone. This platform has paved a million ways to reach professionals. It has also transformed the professional’s network. You can easily connect to your colleagues and apply for jobs at the same time.

But the main feature of it that makes it stand out from the crowd is because it’s an amazing platform to connect to bigger names of the company. You also get a chance to work in big companies as it remains a dream for many.

Follow the tips to know how to network on linkedin like a master

There are a few tips you need to follow to know how to network on linkedin and do it in a very professional way. Here are some of the best tips you can follow now:

  • Try to make your profile a unique one.
  • Connect and interact with people as much as you. But remember to be in a formal way. Remember the more followers you have the more networking you can carry out.
  • Your content should be eye-catchy enough to grab the attention of the audience or whoever visits your content. In short, you should post quality content.
  • Join the groups that can help you out.

Making your profile unique enough

Your profile is the first thing that will be viewed by anyone who visits it. So if it is enthusiastic enough and filled with positive vibes, the one who visits it will love to know you more. Remember to highlight your strong points and your strengths. It’s better to not emphasise your weakness or negative parts. When your profile is good enough, it helps you in providing you with a good networking approach.

Try to put out a good formal profile picture

Don’t underestimate the way your profile picture can make an impression. You should never leave it blank. This doesn’t tend to have much positive influence. But when you also fill that place with unnecessary pictures, the same doesn’t have a good impact on the viewer. So try to put out something formal or a picture that puts a thought that you are hard-working enough.

Your profile headline should be catchy

Your linkedin profile is not less than any resume that you provide during the job interview. So try to maintain the same professionally. Try to use formula language. Your daily chat languages and short forms should not be included in your profile headline. Try to emphasise it as much as you can and write it optimistically.

Try to add your work experience

As much as you need to show how good you are at your work, you should always show how much experience you have at a particular work.

how to network on linkedin


Since you want to network on linkedin you must follow these simple rules. Remember that often small mistakes make major consequences in your life.