LinkedIn is a famous social networking platform meant for professional use. We often find various people posting different pieces of information related to various aspects. One such thing is posting a job. Obvious, isn’t it? Not posting a job on a professional platform is like letting go of the cream from your hands. So, read and know how to post a job in LinkedIn through your profile.

Jobs on LinkedIn: 

how to post a job in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an effective platform when used in the right way. You can connect with various like-minded people and follow famous personalities to help improve your skills. So, making use of this platform for posting jobs is like the easiest thing to lay hands on the right profiles. How to post a job in LinkedIn?

The answer to this question will depend on the medium you choose. As in, there are two ways in which you can post a job on LinkedIn. It can be either for free or you can purchase timeslots from the platform. Either way, the process remains the same but, the reach defers. Let’s first understand how to post a job in LinkedIn and then move to promote the same.

Posting a job on LinkedIn: 

It is best to set up a business page for your company before you start posting the opportunities. There’s no discrepancy in posting the jobs from your profile but, the former is the better. The following are the steps for posting a job on LinkedIn.

  1. Open your LinkedIn profile or page and go to the Jobs icon. You’ll find it at the top of LinkedIn’s homepage.
  2. Select the Post a Job option from the menu and click on the Continue option displayed on the screen.
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There is a slight difference in details between a recruiter user and a normal LinkedIn user. The former covers every option. So, we are discussing the method from a recruiter account here.

  1. You’ll now enter the Job Details page. LinkedIn asks you for the following details:
  • Description – describe the role in the space allotted
  • Add Skills – specify the skills you’ll require from the applicants
  1. Complete these details and press the Continue button.
  2. The LinkedIn platform now presents the Applicant Options page. You need to answer the following section here.
  • The first option needs you to specify how you want to receive the applicants’ information.
  • You can also choose the screening questions to easily identify the potential applicants suiting your role.

The following steps are exclusive to the recruiter accounts. The job posting is complete if you are a regular user. You’ll just need to select the Post Job option in that case.

  1. Click on the Promote Job option, and you’ll head to the payment page.
  2. Complete the necessary payment and review the details before posting the opportunity on LinkedIn.
  3. Select the Post Job option on the LinkedIn window and complete the process.

Recruiter Accounts: 

how to post a job in LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a corporate contract to its users. If you are a part of it, you’ll post the same job on the LinkedIn Talent Hub or the LinkedIn Recruiter pages. Looking for an upgrade to a recruiter account on LinkedIn? Just head to the homepage and select the Upgrade option. Follow the instructions and complete the process to access LinkedIn’s recruiter tools.

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Regular Accounts: 

Those not sure about the upgrade can do the same through their LinkedIn profiles directly. In that case, you’ll need to take care of the job’s promotion and reach. Use the following techniques to promote a free-posted job on LinkedIn.

  • Company’s Feed 

Like we said earlier, creating a company page is the best to post the jobs. This way, your post reaches everyone following the page on LinkedIn.

  • Sharing 

Ask your employees to share the job details through their profiles. This way, their connections can know about the job and might reach out to you.

  • LinkedIn Groups 

Being a part of different groups comes with a baggage of advantages, with jobs being one among them. You can post your job on such groups too. However, remember to abide by the group’s rules if you don’t want to end up spammed.

You can choose either way to post a job on LinkedIn. Provide detailed information and include all the necessary details as per relevance. That way, applicants will have clarity, and it becomes easy for you to identify true potentials. Here is how to post a job in LinkedIn