Love writing? Then articles are something you can write and post them up. In this article, we are going to discuss how to post an article on LinkedIn. Articles are a good way to write on various topics. You may write on business topics, social welfare and short stories in the form of articles as well. There are so many platforms where you can write amazing articles and post them up.

Among all those LinkedIn is the best platform you can refer to. When you post articles on LinkedIn a lot of people come across them and can share them as much as they can. It’s just that you need to write something relatable and meaningful. But for the successful posting of your articles, you must know about how to write articles and how to post an article on linkedin.

how to post an article on linkedin

How do posting articles help you?

When you post articles you can share whatever knowledge you possess. This knowledge can be on a professional or personal level. Your knowledge may seem attractive to many. This will also help you gain a great number of followers. As people will start liking your articles, they will like them and share them as well. These all factors will help you in growing your account and your network.

Feature of posting articles

Many members of LinkedIn have the talent of using the article publishing tool in LinkedIn. The article section can be used to write articles that can be 1,24,000 characters long. Some people still don’t have access to it, as not everyone is provided with the article passing tools. If you don’t have this feature, you can use the regular feature of posting articles. But this feature will only let you upload an article that is 3000 characters long.

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What steps to follow when you have the article publishing tool?

  • Go to the linkedin webpage and log in to your account.
  • Click on the write an article icon which is present in the creation box at the middle part of your homepage.
  • Modify your article as you like. Add a good heading, write the body of the article. As soon as you complete that, click on publish.
  • Confirm by clicking on the publish icon again when a pop up comes on your screen.

More things to know

  • Once you have completed posting an article, it gets automatically added to the “Articles” section of your account. It will be shared with all your followers in the newsfeed. They will also be provided with the notification of the article that you have posted.
  • You can also try editing your article later if you find any mistakes while checking it out.

How to write attractive articles and how to post an article on linkedin

how to post an article on linkedin

Since now you know how to post an article on linkedin, it’s time to know how to write articles so that it reaches the most number of people and helps you in overall growth in the number of your followers.

  • Start writing your article on your homepage.
  • As soon as you start writing your article, give your article a catchy headline.
  • Try to include pictures in it.
  • Aim to write within a word limit.
  • Divide your overall articles into subheadings and small paragraphs. This will give a more concise look to your article.
  • Rephrase your article if you think you need to.
  • Publish your article and tell your followers to share it as much as they can.
  • Attempt to link your article to your profile. If someone visits your profile, they can easily find your piece of writing and this will make a good impression.
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Points to keep in mind before start writing an article

  • Remember to keep your article short and to the point. If your article is between 500 – 600 words, then it is the best. The more you keep it to the point and short, the more readers would love to read your writings.
  • Try to divide your writings into paragraphs and subtitles. Writing long paragraphs at a stretch would not work for many readers. Try to divide your whole article into paragraphs and try to add attractive subheadings.
  • Remember to edit your article if you find anything wrong. Try to post error-free at first instance. Try to go through your article 3 – 4 times to ensure that it is error-free.