LinkedIn is a vast social networking site mostly used for professional purposes. You’ll find a lot of people sharing business posts, news, etc., with their network. You can say like-minded people often get along with each other and discuss their ideas through these posts. How to post on LinkedIn? Go ahead and read!

Posting on LinkedIn: 

How to post on LinkedIn

Questions related to LinkedIn and its operations became common in the present day. One among them indeed is – how to post on LinkedIn? Well, you need to decide what to post before heading to answering this question. Anyone can either post photographs or write an article as a post. The steps vary accordingly. Have a look.

Posting photos on LinkedIn 

One thing to remember is that LinkedIn is more like a professional platform. So, your photographs need to be of that nature and with high quality, professional, and relevant. Ideally, any image size is 1200 x 627 pixels. Also, you can post the photos from your Android and iOS mobiles or through the web version. The steps for posting photographs on LinkedIn are as follows:

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn profile with the login credentials on the device of your choice.
  2. Go to the top of your Home Feed and select the Camera/Photo icon.
  3. You can select the image of your choice or drag the required image and click on the Next button appearing on the LinkedIn window.
  4. On the next page, you can add any relevant information or texts. Here, you can either talk about the image’s relevance or its purpose.

You can click on the Post option after you add the necessary information. Your LinkedIn network can now see your post.

Writing articles on LinkedIn and how to post on LinkedIn

How to post on LinkedIn

As mentioned above, you can also post articles on LinkedIn and publish them. Similarly, you can do the same by accessing the LinkedIn application on the device of your convenience.

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn handle on any device of your choice.
  2. There is a ‘Home’ icon on the lower-left corner of the application and the top-right corner of the LinkedIn website. Click on that.
  3. You’ll find the ‘Write an Article’ option beneath the Start a Post option. Select the appropriate option based on your preference. Here, you’ll need the former.

There is an option to add a header image for your article on LinkedIn. Use it to reach your LinkedIn followers easily and with relevance.

  1. Add the header by clicking on the relevant space and choosing the appropriate image. Any high-resolution image will work for LinkedIn.
  2. Now, add a catchy headline to your article. There’s no limit from LinkedIn for the number of characters but, it is best to keep it short.

Footers are an excellent way to tell the world about yourself. As in, your LinkedIn posts are available to the entire world. So, various people unknown to you can read your post. So, it is best to add a short brief about yourself beneath every post.

  1. Create a footer accordingly and head to the next step of posting on LinkedIn.
  2. Click on the ‘Publish’ option on LinkedIn once you are done with writing the post and adding all the relevant details.

This is how to post on LinkedIn in different ways. A pro tip here is to add a comment on every post. This way, your post appears on your followers’ feeds and provides a better reach. Also, ensure the details are correct and formatting is in place as soon as you post on LinkedIn.

We can find two different accounts on LinkedIn – personal and business. So, your posts have a lot to talk about yourself. These also help people reach you based on relevance. It is best to make relevant posts time and again to interact with the world and build your professional stature. So, stick to relevance and purpose for every post you make on the LinkedIn platform.

Moreover, we find various people posting about job openings and various other life-changing details on the platform. If you are doing the same, it is best to cross-check everything and ensure that every detail is on point. Else, you might end up landing in trouble in the later stages. The best way to avoid this is to check the post as soon as you post it. This way, you can delete the same if there are any glitches.