LinkedIn is an effective social media platform for business purposes. You’ll mostly find professional content on the platform from every profile. Those familiar with the platform know about the job opportunities posted on LinkedIn. So, here is how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn and stand ahead of your competitors. How to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn.

Connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn

We often find various job opportunities posted on LinkedIn now and then. Statistics suggest that more than ninety percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to hire their employees. So, a timely conversation and reaching out to potential recruiters can create a significant difference. Let’s first familiarize different recruiters before reaching out to them.

  • Retainer-based

    – a third-party consultant charging businesses to provide efficient applicants.

  • Contingency-based

    – an agency or staff hired to fill specific roles. Such recruiters are paid only if any of the applicants suggested by them make it to the job.

  • Corporate 

    – such recruiters work on the postings, resume screening, sourcing the applicants, and shortlisting the appropriate ones.

You can decide the type of recruiter to approach based on your purpose. It is best to stay connected with them through LinkedIn to avoid missing crucial job opportunities. Recruiters present you with a lot of information related to the roles and the company, like the type of job, expected skills, etc.

The following are some ways for how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn in easy steps.

  • InMail from LinkedIn 

One famous way of connecting with your recruiters is through the InMail option. You can send short notes to your recruiters’ inboxes through this option. You can send messages to all your connections and those they are connected to. Here, you can also use the one-month free premium trial from LinkedIn to grab the necessary leads.

LinkedIn allows up to 200 characters in the subject and 1900 characters in the body of your InMail. But that doesn’t mean you can embed paragraphs in it. Stick to relevance and give it the best representation, for it might be the only option left for you. Try addressing the recruiters with relevant titles like Manager, etc., to create a better impact.

How to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn

  • Messaging on LinkedIn 

Another common way for how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn is using its messaging option. Free users can send messages to anyone on their network. So, if you are planning to go with this method, you’ll first need to drop a connection request to your recruiter.

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and search the recruiters’ names.
  2. Find their profiles and send a connection request to them on LinkedIn. You can add a small personalized message along with your request.

Try sending a reply message thanking them as soon as your connection is accepted.

  1. Go to the Message icon on the LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Select the relevant profile, click on it, and type the message you wish to send your recruiter.
  3. Stay in touch until you establish a proper connection with recruiters on LinkedIn.

How to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn

Effective tips for positive conversations

Well, these methods seem to be pretty easy and convenient. However, they can ruin everything if formatted improperly. So, here are some tips to reach your recruiters on LinkedIn effectively.

  • Reaching out to recruiters is not a quick process. You’ll need to wait until you listen from them. So, give it the necessary time instead of dropping a message each day. Doing so might leave the recruiter irritated.
  • Don’t just rely on reaching the recruiters by sending them some messages. Instead, focus on your profile and optimize its appearance to become discoverable. This way, your recruiter can get in touch with you too.
  • Some default messages from LinkedIn often appear above your text boxes. Remember that thousands of people send messages to your recruiters and sending a common message isn’t wise. You may end up missing the opportunity.
  • Be precise and to the point while reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn. They are busy professionals and may not have the time to read the whole thing. So, be straightforward in letting them know the purpose of you connecting with them.
  • Recruiters nowadays appreciate a little personal touch to such messages. Being extremely formal might turn the wrong switch and fetch the worst. But don’t be completely informal either. Maintain a balance between the two and convey your point effectively.

Use these tips and the procedure to improve your chances of getting hired through LinkedIn.

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