Social media presence is a necessity in the present day. If you are talking about professional matters, there’s no better way than LinkedIn. It is a professional platform connecting various employers and professional people under a roof. So, it is essential to be aware of how to show promotion on LinkedIn. Go on and read to know more about posting your promotions on LinkedIn in different ways.

Posting your promotions on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform where we often come across people posting a lot about jobs and relevant stuff. So, updating your promotion is like optimizing your profile. Doing so might improve your chances of grabbing a huge opportunity! So, here is how to show promotion on LinkedIn.

How to show promotion on LinkedIn

Ways to posting the promotions

Precisely, the question – how to show promotion on LinkedIn has multiple answers. You can either do it through the LinkedIn web version, mobile application, etc. The following are the different ways and steps to posting about your promotions.

  • Desktop version 

You can either choose the Windows or iOS version to show your promotion on LinkedIn. The process remains the same since the web version comes with the same options.

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account if not logged in.
  2. Select the Me icon present at the top and go to the View Profile option.
  3. Hover your cursor and click on the pencil icon present against the job you want to edit.

Remember that you need to go to the Experience section on your LinkedIn profile if you are trying to add a new role altogether.

  1. The page prompt asks you for the new job title, company, dates, etc. Fill in these details and select the Update my Industry option.
  2. You also need to select the Update my Headline option if you wish to change your LinkedIn profile’s headline.

Now, we get to the actual part of the promotion. You can choose to present to your connections through a notification or skip the step entirely.

  1. Alter the Share with Network toggle based on your preference and complete posting your promotion on LinkedIn.

Your job update is now present on your LinkedIn profile. Your connection can see the update whenever they visit your profile in case you chose to not send them a notification.

  • Mobile Version 

Here is how to show promotion on LinkedIn through the mobile application.

  1. Install the LinkedIn mobile application if necessary and log in to your profile.
  2. Click on your profile picture and select the View Profile option.
  3. Head to the Experience section and click on the pencil icon against the job to be updated.
  4. Make the necessary changes on the LinkedIn app, as mentioned above. Complete the process by saving the same on LinkedIn.

These are the common ways of showing your job promotions on LinkedIn. However, you also have several alternatives working on the same. Have a look.

How to show promotion on LinkedIn

Featured section from LinkedIn

You can use the Featured section of LinkedIn if you want more people to know about your promotion. Here’s how.

  • Posts– you can create intriguing posts announcing your promotion in a unique way. Using catchy images and lines often grabs the eye.
  • Media Platforms– you can use other media platforms like a newsletter featuring your work and your image. You can just post the same on your LinkedIn profile and that gives you the necessary hype.
  • URLs– if your company is planning on announcing your promotion in a big way, you can use it to promote your job on LinkedIn. Just post the link and share it with your network.

Most people often toggle the ‘Share with Network’ option to a no. But we’d suggest you on the contrary. Letting your connections know about it further enhances your account’s reach. The logic here is the display of likes and comments on LinkedIn. Here, you’ll receive an update on your feed if someone from your network likes or comments on some post. So, your connections are appreciating you through comments and liking the update. These actions appear on their connections’ feed and let them view the same. You don’t know the corners it can reach! Play around with the flexibilities and make the best use of LinkedIn to share your promotions.