Oftentimes you must have heard people asking how to tag someone on LinkedIn. The majority of people don’t know that this feature exists. Some people wonder why is tagging even necessary on LinkedIn. We have answered all these questions in this guide. Tagging has always been an integral part of networking online. Tagging on LinkedIn is easy. But before we dive into the steps on how to tag someone on LinkedIn, we would know why is tagging an important feature on LinkedIn.

how to tag someone on LinkedIn

How does tagging other people help LinkedIn users? 

Tagging or mentioning other people in your posts and comments increases your profile’s engagement rate. It can help you increase your connections and also bring more followers to you. If you are a regular LinkedIn user, you are likely to consult with professionals in the comment section. If you do that, make sure to mention people you know. It will expand your network; help you connect with like-minded individuals on LinkedIn.

Now that we have discussed why tagging is necessary, we would go through the steps on how to tag someone on LinkedIn.

Tagging People in Your Posts

Tagging on LinkedIn means mentioning other people. When you do that, the other person received a notification on his device. If they have turned off mobile or desktop notifications from their devices a message would be sent to their registered email id. In that email or notification, the link to the post where you have mentioned that another person will also be given. This makes it easier for people to get the post immediately, instead of searching it.

Now, when you mention someone in the comments, the person is likely to comment back or like it or share it with their network. All of this is ultimately beneficial for you. The best part is if you want to tag a person, the person might not be on your list of connections. You can still tag him/ her.

Follow the following steps if you are to mention someone in your posts:

  • Visit your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Now, click start a post or click on the comment option, located at the bottom of someone’s post.
  • Type @ and then start typing the name of the person you want to tag. Once you type the first name, a list of names having the same initial letter would appear on the screen.
  • Click on the name of the person from that list. You can tag multiple people too.
  • Next, continue typing the message.
  • Once done, post it. The tag will notify the concerned individual.

No matter what post you have commented on, viewers can see it and click on the links of the profiles you have mentioned. Later, you can also delete any mention of yourself from the comment section.

how to tag someone on LinkedIn

Sometimes tagging becomes unsuccessful. Sometimes it works faster. If you are doing it the right way but are unable to get the tag right, it means something is wrong with LinkedIn. Worry not, try after some time and it’s sure to work. The next thing to take care of is whether or not the person you are mentioning is correct. Sometimes, people are unmindful and end up tagging someone else with the same name. If you want to avoid that, be careful.

By now you must have understood how to mention someone on LinkedIn. This is an effective tool that will fetch the necessary engagement to your posts. However, before you mention your friends and people, go through the following tips mentioned below:

  • Don’t tag a huge number of people at one go. It’s a big no-no. Thinking that people will share your post or reply to your comment, you shouldn’t indulge in mass tagging. Don’t think that it will fetch you higher engagement rates. This will confuse most people and it’s spamming on LinkedIn.
  • If it’s an interesting article or a prospective job opportunity, tag relevant people who would find it useful.
  • If you haven’t tagged anyone on LinkedIn yet, remember that you can tag on old posts too, provided they are useful.
  • This tool can be used for the benefit of the users. People will like your efforts and eventually, it will increase your network.
  • Don’t expose people to negative posts. Also, don’t mention people unnecessarily.

We hope we have been able to enlighten our readers on how to tag someone on LinkedIn. Now that you know everything, start tagging your friends on useful posts!