The feature of adding hashtags on LinkedIn was made available in 2016. For years, other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have popularised the use of hashtags. It’s a way to connect with different communities and spread messages. Hashtag even offers insightful analytics, which allows contents creators to track and boost their social media influence.

how to use hashtags on LinkedIn

Recently, LinkedIn has introduced the feature of using hashtags. Now, influencers on LinkedIn too can use hashtags. Now, before you dive into the details saying how to use hashtags on LinkedIn, we would go through some basic questions that most people ask.

Do hashtags work on LinkedIn?

Yes, hashtags do work on LinkedIn. People can add them to their articles, status updates, videos, business page, and other places to reach their target audience and expand their audience base. LinkedIn even allows people to browse through hashtag feeds and know what conversations are taking place about them.

How To Use Hashtags on Your LinkedIn Status Update

If you are looking forward to knowing how to use hashtags on LinkedIn status update, read below the following steps:

  • Type the pound sign, then the first letter or phrase of the hashtag. As you type the first word a list of auto-generated hashtags will appear on the screen. The trending ones mostly appear on the list.
  • Now, click on the hashtag of your choice.
  • Next, go to the bottom left of the box and click on add hashtag.
  • If you add symbols or space in between words, it wouldn’t be a hashtag anymore. Avoid doing that.

How to Use Hashtags on Your LinkedIn Article

As of the current update, LinkedIn doesn’t allow people to add hashtags to the body of the articles published on LinkedIn. However, hashtags can be added to the article description box. By adding relevant hashtags, users can make their articles trending.

How to Use Hashtags on Your Business Page

If you are running a business page on LinkedIn and you want to revamp it with suitable hashtags, even that’s possible. Follow the steps mentioned below to do that:

  • Visit your business’s homepage.
  • On the bottom right corner under hashtags, there’s an add button. Click on that.
  • Next, a small page will open on the screen.
  • Remember that users can use three relevant hashtags related to their business page.
  • Click on add a hashtag and select three appropriate hashtags.
  • That’s all.
  • Your work is done.

Should I use hashtags on LinkedIn?

how to use hashtags on LinkedIn

Oftentimes, people question if at all adding hashtags are effective. The answer is yes. Hashtags are effective and a great way to reach out to your target audience. It’s a great way to increasing engagement and direct connections on LinkedIn.

When you use appropriate hashtags, you immensely increase your post’s reach potential. For instance, you have added an SEO hashtag that has 10,000k followers. In that case, your post is likely to get an engagement rate that’s three times more than what you would have received without the hashtags.

Tips to keep in mind while using hashtags

While adding hashtags to your articles, posts, and profile, you must be mindful of the following things:

  • Don’t go overboard – LinkedIn strictly mentions sticking to three relevant hashtags. That’s enough to target the keywords you are focusing on, without looking spammy.
  • Hashtags don’t replace copy- hashtags don’t say in what context you are using them. They only enhance your exposure and discoverability. Therefore, describe everything you post, so that your followers can understand.
  • Mix the popular with the niche – don’t always use trending hashtags. Otherwise, your content will get lost. Getting too niche will not help you reach your target audience. Use both old and new ones and strike a balance.

Relevant hashtags are sometimes tough to identify. Sometimes you don’t understand which ones to choose. However, with time you are sure to grab it. You can then identify the ones that are the best performing. Sometimes, the higher engagement ones are worth reusing.

How to Find Top LinkedIn Hashtags? 

If you are new to using LinkedIn and don’t know much about hashtags, you must know that there are three types of hashtags that you must use: Popular recommended and trending. When you are exploring what hashtags to use on your posts, go through LinkedIn’s discover more page.

We have covered everything on how to use hashtags on LinkedIn. We are sure that this guide will be useful and informative to our readers.