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You must be wondering why is writing a summary important and how to write a LinkedIn summary. Well, in recent times, the importance of LinkedIn is not unknown. If there’s any social media platform that can provide sufficient exposure to you, it’s LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become extremely useful for job seekers, employers, and social media marketers. No matter you are trying to build your business or securing a new client or promoting your business, LinkedIn is the best place for all these.


how to write a LinkedIn summary


Now, on LinkedIn, you have to draw attention to your profile. How would you do that? One of the best ways to attract attention to your profile is by adding a suitable summary to it. A summary is a crucial part of your LinkedIn profile.

In this post, we have discussed how to write a proper, professional summary on LinkedIn. But first, we would discuss in detail why is the summary important so much.

Why is your LinkedIn summary important so much? 

Do you know where the summary will appear on your profile? Well, it would be shown on your profile page, just below your profile picture, highlights, and job title. This means, when someone visits your profile, he/she would automatically be intrigued to have a look at your LinkedIn summary. This is why the summary is important. It’s your choice to showcase your skills and innovativeness.

Your job title reflects your job interests or previous job experiences. However, the summary reflects your beliefs or your personality. Try to be original. Say who you are. Make it interesting.

how to write a LinkedIn summary

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How should you write a proper LinkedIn summary? 

If you are wondering how to write a LinkedIn summary, don’t fret. There are a few tips enlisted below. They will help you draft an attractive and interesting summary about yourself. However, if you get a better idea of writing a summary, you can change and edit your summary from time to time. So, without delaying any further, let’s go through the tips to write a successful, high profile, LinkedIn summary.

  • Make sure your summary is unique 

Never copy-paste your LinkedIn summary from the internet. Your summary should reflect how distinct you are as a person. Therefore, make it as original as possible. You must enlist your skills, traits, and important perspectives. Make it as interesting as possible.

  • Explain what skills you have that reflects your efficiency 

By going through your summary, people will get an idea about you. Your education and job history must be perfectly enlisted. Share your previous working details. You can also mention why you chose the job, what role did you play, what was your experience, etc.

  • Don’t forget to highlight your unique traits 

Are you data-driven? Do you have excellent leadership qualities? If yes, then these skills are to be highlighted. Showcasing what you are capable of can fetch you prospective clients and job opportunities. Therefore don’t forget to list your unique traits.

  • Explain what you are looking forward to 

Your summary should also say what you are for on LinkedIn. Are you open to accepting business orders? Looking forward to getting new clients? Are you looking for capable employees? No matter who you are and what you are looking for, mention it clearly in your summary.

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How Long Should My LinkedIn Summary Be? 

As per LinkedIn’s rule, the summary or about should be within 2000 characters. Keep it short. Don’t write long paragraphs. People on LinkedIn don’t have all day to go through your long summaries. Keep it crisp and short. Make sure no important information is missed.

That’s all about how to write a LinkedIn summary. If you are looking forward to trying out something new in life, LinkedIn can fetch you those opportunities. And to attract the right audience, writing the perfect LinkedIn summary is important. You need time to frame a high-performing summary. Take your time and write the best you can think of.