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A recommendation on LinkedIn can be written just for 1st level connection whose recognition you would like to get such as a student, co-worker, and colleague. The recipient of the recommendation can also choose if they want it to be displayed on their profile. Learn How to write recommendations on LinkedIn.


In case, any of your contacts is requesting a recommendation, that request will be transferred to your profile through a message which can be accessed from messaging icon towards the topmost part of the homepage of your LinkedIn profile.

How to write recommendations on LinkedIn

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1st-degree connections can be recommended from the profile on your desktop. A recommendation request can also be responded to via a LinkedIn account on your desktop. There are very simple steps that need to be followed for writing a recommendation on LinkedIn:

  • Recommendations can be edited or deleted any time after they are sent.
  • When a recommendation is given, another person can view it by tapping on the Received link which can be found in the Recommendations part of your profile.
  • The recommendation can be seen by tapping on the given link in the section called a recommendation.
  • The Recommendations can be hidden by choosing anyone option.
  • One can only view the recommendation on the LinkedIn profile if someone requests through the platform and both the parties have their own LinkedIn profiles.
  • Any other type of email or message cannot be included as a recommendation.
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How to write recommendations on LinkedIn

Here are a few tips as in how to write recommendation on LinkedIn:

  1. Describe the nature of the professional relationship

This might sound very serious but it is very useful as a content piece that enacts as an introduction for your recommendation. Be it a colleague that you have worked with, a manager, reporter, or any other contact point in the agency, anyone else can create a platform for readers to know the reasons why you will need to write a recommendation.

  1. Enter position related details for which the person is recommended 

You must know whether a person is recommended for work in just a single position or you want to write regarding the word done by them while working. In any way, the next step that you must follow is to know if the person is recommended knows about their different job aspects. He/she must know about the job description.

  1. Explain their growth in the company 

If you are reported once about that person, this feature of linked can help you a lot. You Judy need to explain how the person who is being recommended has shown growth which can be in terms of both individual roles and demonstration of their potential to adjust with the expansion of the organization.

How to write recommendations on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn recommendations are an updated edition of all kinds of recommendation letters in a lot of ways. Few of the upgrades include, they can be viewed by everyone including the recipient of the recommendation. Similar to other things online, it will survive.

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LinkedIn recommendations are an upgraded version of recommendation letters in many ways. Here are some of the upgrades:

LinkedIn recommendations are available for anyone to see, not just the recommendation’s recipient or the person requesting it. It can be viewed until a social network is working, dissimilar to other forms of conventional recommendation letters that are deleted or thrown. Recommendations on LinkedIn can be verified easily.

No matter who is reading the recommendations on the LinkedIn account, one can also visit their profile of who is the sender of the recommendation which can help in the evaluation of the credibility of the source.

The simplest way of getting more recommendations on LinkedIn is learning how to write recommendation on LinkedIn which can instantly help you to write some great recommendations for your colleagues and current boss. After your recommendation is received, they will be inclined more towards returning the favour.

A LinkedIn recommendation can be written for all 1st-degree connections like clients, friends, co-workers, or anyone else you have worked with.

This was everything one should know about how to write recommendations on LinkedIn. Writing recommendations on LinkedIn is a very useful feature for professionals and it can help them grow in a lot of ways. Following all the tips mentioned above will help you in writing recommendations on LinkedIn like a pro. Here is how to write recommendations on LinkedIn.

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