Gone are those days when recruiting candidates and applying for jobs used to be through the post. Searching for jobs and recruiting candidates used to be a tiring job for everyone at that time. 

For many years the process of recruiting has evolved and finally, in the present day, we get an incredibly productive site of recruitment both for employees and employers- LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social website for the business community. The website is a blessing for all the professional employers and eligible candidates as they can easily find the right candidates and suitable jobs respectively. 

According to 2020, Jobvite reported 72% of recruiters use the LinkedIn app actively. Among them, 67% of the recruiters say that the most eligible candidates are available on LinkedIn. In this article let’s see what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn means?

What is the meaning of actively recruiting on LinkedIn?

what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn means

What does actively recruiting in LinkedIn mean? LinkedIn is an all-embracing platform for recruiting talented professionals. The platform accommodates you to find and connect with the people you need for your organization. 

The LinkedIn recruiter can do wonders and plays an important role in developing a job seeker’s career. Likewise, recruiters also use LinkedIn to receive candidates for jobs. Let’s suppose a person on LinkedIn is searching for a new employee in their organization. 

They will state the same with the required eligibility criteria on their LinkedIn profile, in a form of an announcement that they are currently hiring. Now, a person who has the same eligibility criteria and is looking for a job can find the same job in the job search option on LinkedIn. 

With this Actively Recruiting label on LinkedIn profile job seekers can see the companies that post job vacancies and if they are still processing applications. They shall be tagged as actively recruiting. Thus, Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn means a recruiter is looking for applicable candidates for a vacancy in a company. 

Recruiting tools of LinkedIn are much easy, less time-consuming, much targeted, and much efficient than any other job searching platform these days. Some recruiters also make a database of potential candidates with the help of LinkedIn.  

However, if anyone wanted to get involved in the LinkedIn platform there are many terms and tools with many features that need to be understood like Sponsor Post, Showcase page, Recruiter InMail on LinkedIn. 

Actively Recruiting on the platform of LinkedIn is a very helpful tag of LinkedIn that connects the recruiters with the potential candidates. With its help the job seeker can easily find out of there are any job opportunities and recruiters can find out the job seekers as both need each other.

Difference between Active Recruiting and Passive Recruiting

what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn means

Now that you know what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn mean let’s discuss the difference between active and passive recruiting. 

  • Active recruitment- This term means that employers are hunting for relevant candidates. Like, searching candidates on LinkedIn. Reaching out to job seekers pro-actively through LinkedIn is a common practice of active recruitment. 

Moreover, other sites of social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are gradually becoming recruitment channels as well. The best advantage of active recruiting is that could screen the candidates through their profiles before you reach out to them. 

  • Passive Recruitment- Passive recruitment means you are interested in the candidate who isn’t interested in shifting from their current job. Maybe you want them because they are the star salesperson of your competitor’s company or their academic and career achievements are excellent. 

To recruit these candidates, you need some strategies. Some sort of offer should be given to them to spark their interest in the role that you are offering. Though passive recruitment needs some strategies or maybe you have to give some extra hikes on their salaries, but you are sure about the fact that the candidates are well deserved for the role and your company. 

Both the employer and job seeker need each other. They just need to get connected. LinkedIn is a beneficial social network that builds the bridge between them and makes them connected. This guide was made to aware the readers about the active recruiting of LinkedIn and with it how the job seekers and candidates can be beneficial. The platform is magical if it is used efficiently. Actively recruiting feature of LinkedIn plays a vital role in the entire process of recruitment.