In this article, we are going to discuss what is InMail LinkedIn. If you could ever find the best platform for online business, LinkedIn is a perfect-worded answer. This platform brings you the best part of connecting with your clients. Business is not just about selling things but it’s also about building good relationships with your client. So if you want to switch to some good platform, LinkedIn is the best for you. It has an awesome feature to help you connect with your clients and interact with them. This feature is an inmail feature. But to know how to use it you must know what is inmail linkedIn.

Know more about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for business purposes. It is also a famous platform for job looking. If some company wants to hire a candidate for a job, they use the LinkedIn inmail messaging services to get in contact with the candidate. This is how this platform is used for. The inmail feature of this platform is the most attractive feature it has.

what is inmail linkedin

What is inmail used for?

For those who don’t know what is inmail linkedIn feature is, this feature is used for the interaction of businesses with their clients. It also helps in better interaction among them. Who all does not just consider business to be about profit and loss will be able to understand its real uses. Linkedin inmail is best for the professional relations that are made. If someone is not already in your reach, you can easily interact with them through the inmail feature. It is a good expansion of the messaging feature.

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Benefits you get when you use this feature

There are several benefits that you get when you use this feature.

  • You can easily send a message to anyone you want to interact with for business purposes. You don’t always need to ask for a connection while doing that. Somebody has to start the conversation when it’s about business. So this feature helps you out with this.
  • You cannot always afford to use your time searching for the contact details of the particular. Sometimes people don’t even add the contact details. It can turn out to be hectic for you to keep searching about it, so knowledge about what is inmail linkedin will help you now!

Several other benefits to be mentioned:

  • In case, you are not searching for business matters. Maybe you are looking for someone to hire in your workplace. You can directly contact someone you think is fit for your job.
  • You can track your analytics of the inmail sent. This will also suggest how to write your message in a betty. In cases you can be more formal, you take up the advice from the analytics.
  • When your inmail gets a quick reply, you also earn credits. Sounds amazing right! This is the most amazing feature which is not when you use normal messaging apps. This also saves your time for searching contact details and sending messages. You send messages and you earn credits for the reply.

How to get started with inmail messaging?

First, you need to know the various kinds of the plan which allows you sending how many numbers of inmail messages you can send:

  • Career Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • Hiring Plan
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It’s easy to start using the inmail feature as you just need to upgrade to premium plans on linkedin. If you haven’t yet upgraded you just need to select one which you think is perfect. You can choose anyone from the ones mentioned above. What is inmail linkedin.

Which plan lets you send how many inmail messages?

When you upgrade to a career plan, you get to send 2-3 inmail messages per month. Similarly, in the Business plan, you get 15 inmail messages per month. In the sales premium plan, you get 20 inmail messages and in the hiring plan, you get 30 inmail messages in a month, which is the highest of all.

what is inmail linkedin

Steps to follow to successfully send you inmail message

  • Once you have upgraded to any of the plans stated above, you can reach anybody profile you want to connect on LinkedIn. Then, you need to search for the message icon on their introduction card.
  • Once you get the same, you need to click on the message icon. You need to type your subject line and the body of the text message and then click send.

This is how easy it is to connect to anyone over linkedin through inmail messages. Whether it is for business or hiring purposes, the process remains the same. It’s such an easy process to continue with.