LinkedIn is a platform that helps to connect the professionals of the world. It was founded in 2002 in the United States. It offers an extensive list of features. Interestingly, it can be used by every stream of professionals. If you are wondering what is LinkedIn for students? Why exactly should students create a LinkedIn account? Follow the post. It will guide you through the entire set of information.

what is LinkedIn for

The LinkedIn profile that you create on this platform will help the employer know about your professional journey. This will further help the employer choose the right candidate for the right job. So, if you are new to this entire platform then, continue reading the post below. It will highlight all the major features of the platform and how they might be beneficial for the students. Alongside the post will also guide you on how exactly does LinkedIn works to help you get the desired job.

How Students Can Use LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn account is a great tool for getting the right job. Well, if you are a graduate student or a postgraduate student wishing to get a job then, you need to have a LinkedIn account. It will help you to connect with a large set of professionals. One thing to keep in mind is that what is LinkedIn for you is not the same for others. You are a student henceforth the profile should be quite attractive. For having a good profile you need to take care of certain things. A few of the significant points have been enlisted below for your reference.

  • To begin with, create a good profile by adding a professional photo with a clear background.
  • Take care of what you write in the heading. This is generally the part, which attracts the attention of the employer and henceforth makes it count.
  • In addition, ensure to create a good professional summary by adding all your achievements.
  • Add your educational qualifications to let the employer know about the background.
  • Also, add your internships or volunteering activities to show how active you are in your professional life.
  • Furthermore, you could also add several skills based on your personality and knowledge.
  • Collect as many skill endorsements a possible to enhance your profile.
  • In conclusion, ensure to visit your profile every day so to have an update about everything.

These are few points that can help the students to enhance their profile which will help them to attract the employer towards their profile. As soon as you receive any award or achievement, you can always share a post stating that to let another know about it. But, one question you need to keep asking yourself is- what is LinkedIn for you? This will help you stay focused to achieve your goal.

what is LinkedIn for

How does it help the students?

Having a LinkedIn account can benefit the students in a lot many ways. It will not just help you get one job but also help you build up a professional network. Well, the benefits of having a LinkedIn account for students are far beyond your imagination. Everyone today is on social media platforms but one should know that the social media platform does not bring you a job; whereas, professional platforms like LinkedIn will bring you a better job.

Additionally, it also helps the students to prepare for their interviews in near future. If you are post-graduate students who would be appearing for an interview soon then, you need to develop some skills to impress your interviewer. LinkedIn provides several courses that the students can proceed with to enhance their skills and knowledge. What is LinkedIn for you is not exactly the case with everyone as for some, it is a platform to complete a course, while for many others, and it is a platform to build connections. It is a job-seeking platform for others.

LinkedIn is a great platform that helps individuals or particularly students to keep a track of the job available in the market. You can use LinkedIn for your purpose as the reason why people use LinkedIn is different for different individuals. It is quite subjective. Some use it for getting the right candidate for a job, while, many others to get a job. So, think about why you need LinkedIn and create your account.